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3 Secrets That You Must Know While Hiring a Car in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is a destination that can be best explored with affordable transport like a rental car. Its beaches, historical venues, contemporary attractions, and magnificent scenery will entice travelers to hire a vehicle. The companies offering car rental in Johannesburg are geared to provide this user friendly facility through their prompt and professional services.

Hiring a Car in Johannesburg

However, finding the most efficient and cost-effective car rental services can be intimidating for the travelers, especially those visiting this city for the first time. There are many competent and experienced companies providing genuine services at affordable costs. Choose an experienced company for enjoying the best vacation in Johannesburg.

Here are the secrets to finding such a company:

1. Have Deeper Look at Quotation:

Many times, you may come across an advertisement claiming low rates on car rental services in Johannesburg. You shouldn’t fall in this trap. These companies do not reveal the hidden charges of accessories like GPS unit, baby seat, etc. Rather, they add them to the final bill at the time of drop off. However, a genuine company provides the option of selecting additional services upfront and they won’t include extra facilities unless you ask for them.

2. Evaluate the Risk Factor:

While hiring a car, you need to read the terms and conditions thoroughly. You must check the risk factors involved if car is in an accident. Comprehensive insurance in not mandatory in South Africa and owners are free to choose risk factors like self-injury, damage of vehicle, damage of the third party, and other such threats. Some car rental service providers in Johannesburg cover their vehicles with minimal insurance to reduce the rental charges.

Such insurance does not cover collisions under certain conditions. You must inquire about all the factors of insurance even if they provide comprehensive insurance along with the vehicle.

3. Check the Guidelines on TLW, CDW, and Wear & Tear:

You must check the guidelines mentioned in the quotation for common damages or wear & tear happening to the vehicle whilst being used. Windscreen, rim, tire, dent, etc. are very common parts of vehicle prone to damage. Try to collect complete information regarding Theft and Loss Waiver (TLW) or Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) in such cases.

While hiring a car in this city, you must follow these 3 secrets to avoid any problem arising in the course of your journey. Preferring an experienced car rental service in Johannesburg can offer the most viable option for you.