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3 Things To Consider Before Choosing A Car Rental Company In Johannesburg

3 Things To Consider Before Choosing A Car Rental Company In Johannesburg

With one google search, you’ll find hundreds of options for car rental in Johannesburg. But how do you know if the company is legitimate and how do you know that you’re not being ripped off? There are a few signs to help you spot a fly-by-night or scammer – look at things like how long the company has existed, the age of the vehicles offered and whether there are any testimonies of happy clients on their website. But don’t just leave it there, find them on social media and see what other people are saying about this company.

Don’t just go for the cheapest car rental option, do your homework thoroughly before committing to any company. Below are 3 things to consider when selecting a car rental company in Johannesburg.

  1. How long have they been around

If a company is younger than one year, I’d stay away as far as possible. Chances are they are scammers and you’ll definitely lose some money in the process.

  1. How old are the cars in their fleet

If the cars are older than 3 – 5 years, do not rent a vehicle from them. The last thing you need is to have car troubles and be stuck somewhere next to the road in a strange place.

  1. Do they offer comprehensive insurance

Should an accident happen or the car is stolen, and your rental company doesn’t offer insurance, you are in for a big financial surprise. Any reputable car rental company is required to offer comprehensive insurance in case of such events.

Why Xtreme Car Rental in Johannesburg is the company you should use

Xtreme Car Rental has been around for more than 15 years. They don’t keep a car in their fleet for longer than 2 years and they offer comprehensive insurance should an accident occur. They have branches all over the country which means you’ll never be too far away from a Xtreme Car Rental branch, anywhere you go. Their rates are very competitive in the car rental market.

No credit card? No problem. You can pay your deposit cash or by debit card. It couldn’t be easier to book your car rental in Johannesburg. Just visit, select the vehicle you want to hire and make your reservation online or via email.