4 Reasons to Book Your Car Rental in Advance

4 Reasons to Book Your Car Rental in Advance

4 Reasons to Book Your Car Rental in Advance

Yes, it might be true that sometimes people get lucky and strike a good deal last-minute when booking accommodation, plane tickets or car rentals. But what if you don’t?

Waiting until the last minute to make a booking will more often than not, cost you more money. Money you could have used to have fun with! Below are just some of the reasons why you should consider booking your car rental well in advance.


  1. Better Rates

As we’ve already mentioned, the longer you wait to book your rental car, the more expensive it will be. This is because of the rule of demand. You’re not the only one who is last-minute.com, many people procrastinate and end up paying more than necessary. When you book at least 1-3 months in advance, you’ll get early bird discounts and you’ll be sure to get the car you want.

  1. Availability

Speaking about getting the car you want, waiting until the last minute will most definitely mean you have limited choices. Almost everyone goes for the cheapest option and if you wait too long, you’ll be stuck paying more for the next available level. If there’s a big event happening in that city, chances are none of the cheaper options will be available and you’ll end up spending much more for your car rental than anticipated.

  1. To Avoid Mistakes

You know when you’re in a rush to make a decision and you don’t have time to research all the facts? Well, it can happen with car rentals too. If you don’t have enough time to have a thorough look at your options, you might choose a car that’s extremely heavy on fuel or that’s too small to fit your family and luggage. These mistakes will cost you money.

  1. Peace of Mind

When you’re sitting on a plane, on your way to Durban for holiday, the last thing you want is to worry about whether there will be any rental cars available in your budget. Booking your car rental in Durban in advance will give you the peace of mind needed to sit back, relax and enjoy your holiday.

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