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5 Car Hire Safety Precautions You Can Take to Avoid Paying Additional Fees

5 Car Hire Safety Precautions You Can Take to Avoid Paying Additional Fees


Road safety should be first on your priority list when you rent a car. Not only would you risk the lives of yourself and your family but it could add additional costs to your holiday budget that you didn’t plan for. But don’t fret, there are some things you can do to avoid this so before you book your rental car, here are some safety tips.


  1. Thoroughly Inspect Your Rental Car Before You Leave the Parking Lot

Before you leave the parking lot, make sure you take pictures of the car so you can’t be held responsible for other people’s damage.


  1. Make Sure Your Insurance Covers Rental Vehicles

Accidents happen even when you’re on holiday. So before you’re faced with huge bills, make sure to find out with your insurance service provider whether they cover rental cars and if they don’t, we suggest you add it to your rental agreement.


  1. Don’t Break Traffic Regulations

Wear your safety belt, don’t speed and adhere to the road rules to avoid getting traffic fines. You won’t receive them while on holiday, they’ll come as a nasty surprise a few weeks after.


  1. Avoid Driving Through Sketchy Areas

There are areas to avoid everywhere in South Africa where you could be putting your life in danger or if you’re lucky only come away with a stolen vehicle. This will end up costing you money for insurance claims, so instead, before you arrive at a new destination, search online for areas to avoid.


  1. Confirm Whether Your Vehicle Has a Daily Kilometre Cap

Many agencies have various options with regards to how many kilometres you can drive every day. If you exceed your limit you have to pay a fine.


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