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5 Tips to save on Your next Car Rental in Cape Town

5 Tips to save on Your next Car Rental in Cape Town

5 Tips to save on Your next Car Rental in Cape Town. While Cape Town does have some options available when it comes to public transport, it might not extend to the areas you want to visit which is why it’s better to rent a car. Car rental in South Africa can be expensive so be sure to check out the tips below to stretch your budget a little further.

5 Tips to save on Your next Car Rental in Cape Town

  1. Don’t pick up your rental car from the airport

There are several factors that can affect car rental prices and by choosing to pick up your rental car at the airport will definitely increase your rate. Instead, opt for picking up your car at a rental office close to your accommodation.

  1. Take pictures of your rental car

Not for Facebook or Instagram but for evidence. When you pick up the car, someone will inspect it with you for existing scratches or dents. But to avoid any expensive issues upon return, make sure you take photos of everything that’s “wrong” with the car.

  1. Put petrol in the tank

In case you don’t already know, you need to return the rental car with the same amount of fuel it had when you received it. If you don’t the car rental company will charge you for the used petrol on top of admin charges for the inconvenience.


  1. Book well in advance

If you don’t know about the law of supply and demand, it will cost you. Let me explain: The price of your rental car depends on the number of vehicles the rental company has available at the time of your booking. If you wait until the last minute and there’s a special occasion you weren’t aware of, you’ll pay double if not triple for the same car.

  1. Don’t add extras

Speakerphone, GPS. Your rental company might offer these extras but keep in mind, they come at a price that can add up quickly. There’s no need to pay for a navigation system or hands-free kit when your smartphone can do all of that and more.

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