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5 Wonderful Things To Do When You Visit Cape Town

5 Wonderful Things To Do When You Visit Cape Town

Cape Town is a very popular tourist destination. With a temperate climate and varied topography, there is something for everyone to see. There are many ways to get around, opting for cheap car hire in Cape Town offers you the freedom to follow your own schedule and visit some of the less well-known sights in and around the city. Drive Through Gorgeous Mountain Passes: The Cape area has a varied and gorgeous landscape with stunning mountain passes. A drive in a luxury car rented from cheap car hire in Cape Town along these mountain passes, can take your breath away. Cheap Car Hire One such pass is the Kaaiman’s River Pass, a 5-hour drive from Cape Town, located on the coastal route between George and Wilderness. It offers spectacular views of the Wilderness coastline, the famous rail bridge, and the Kaaimans River as it spills out into the ocean. Enjoy Water-Sports at The Langebaan Lagoon: 100 km north of Cape Town is the Langebaan lagoon, a part of the West Coast National Park. The lagoon is an intense turquoise; only 6 metres deep at its deepest and completely open to the sea. It is one of only three lagoons world-wide not fed by fresh water. The warm lagoon possesses sheltered, pristine white sand beaches, beautiful rock formations and swim-friendly shallow waters. You can sail, power boat, kayak, kite-surf here. Whale Watching at the De Hoop Natural Reserve: The De Hoop Nature Reserve on the Garden Route is around 3 hours from Cape Town and a World Heritage Site. The neighboring marine reserve, which extends 5km out to sea, is one of the largest in Africa and conserves a vast variety of marine life. De Hoop has one of the best hiking trails in South Africa: The Whale Trail. This route offers coastal and mountain walking, with spectacular views and plenty of opportunities for whale watching. Take an underground tour of Cape Town: Take a tour through the underground tunnels of what used to be an open river that flowed from Table Mountain to the ocean. The tunnels built in 1652, used to supply gardens and passing ships with fresh water, but by 1895 the rivers got too polluted, so they were boarded up and forgotten. Now the tunnels once again only convey spring water into the ocean. Watch Penguins at Boulder’s Beach: The Boulders Penguin Colony was established in 1983, about 40km south of Cape Town. It has pristine beaches with an African Penguin viewing area. If you have children, this is a good place to visit, as immense boulders shelter the cove from currents, wind and large waves. These are some of the things to do while visiting Cape Town.