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Bakkie Hire Johannesburg

Bakkie Hire Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Bakkie hire Johannesburg! You have arrived at the right place, at Xtreme Car Rental we have the right vehicle to get the Job done. Wether you need a bakkie for just a day or even a month. Xtreme car rental offers the cheapest bakkie rentals in Johannesburg and Pretoria. You might be in need of a bakkie rental in Johannesburg or Pretoria just to move home, or even for business purposes, now you can rent a bakkie with cash.

bakkie hire johannesburg      Bakkie rental Pretoria and Centurion

You can now hire a bakkie at cheap and affordable rates.

Are you in need of a van or bakkie? Have you just started a new project or contract, and need a bakkie we have a solution just for you. We offer cheap and affordable long term bakkie rental, a fleet of the bakkies is readily available.  There are many terms that associate with bakkie, some might call it a van or even a pick-up. On the fleet for van hire Johannesburg and Pretoria we have the 1 tonner long-wheelbase available on our fleet. The bakkies in our fleet do not have any branding on them. Customers are allowed to use magnetic stickers for bakkie hire Johannesburg and Pretoria. Bakkie Hire Johannesburg, Pretoria and Centurion can be used for construction sites, garden waste, furniture removals or even carry equipment, building material.

Bakkie Hire Johannesburg, Pretoria and Centurion Features of Toyota Hilux.

  • Fuel Type – Petrol
  • Height   – 4×2
  • Radio CD Bluetooth
  • Aircon
  • Model 2019 2.0l VVT-i

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Need to Hire a Bakkie in Johannesburg?

Customers now have an option to rent a bakkie and pay cash, eft, or even use a debit card
. We have a solution for small and medium-size business, that are in need of bakkies on a short or long term basis.  Startup businesses also have the option of opening an account with Xtreme Bakkie Rental Johannesburg. Don’t delay, compare and save today.

What Type of Bakkie Do I require?

One should consider that there are a number of different types of bakkies available in the Bakkie rental industry. For longer distance travel one should take an option of a diesel bakkie as this could be far cheaper on fuel costs. Depending on the workload, consideration must come into effect as to whether one would require a half-ton or one-ton bakkie.

For example, a one-tonner bakkie would do twice as much of the work as compared to a half-ton bakkie. So therefore instead of renting a bakkie for 2 days, one could rent a bakkie for one day, just by renting the correct bakkie for the job.

Based on the goods that you are transporting, another very important fact that needs to be taken into consideration is the use of a canopy. Having a canopy fitted to a bakkie can be very handy and also can assist with the safety of the goods, remaining intact from collection to delivery. It also protects from any weather conditions, such as dust or rain. Fragile good need to be pre-packed prior to placing them in your load-bin.

A good tip when renting a bakkie.

When you decide to do a task such as furniture removal, one of the most important things is to make sure your goods are packed tightly, and correctly and are strapped down securely. A good tip is to check your load and straps 10 minutes later to make sure goods have settled and are still tied down securely. Also driving carefully and at more relaxed speed will keep your load safe and secure. Most importantly do not carry any passengers in the back of a bakkie, as there are no seats, airbags and safety-belts to protect the passenger, as it is just an open load-bin.

How to use a towbar on a bakkie?

When using a towbar on a bakkie rental, to tow a trailer,  caravan or boat as an example, one needs to think about the weight load of what they will be towing, and whether the bakkie has enough power to pull the load, as well as have control when braking or making a turn. Also, making sure that the trailer or items hitched to the towbar have working taillights and indicators. These need to be checked before your departure. Check with our rental consultants if you are unsure, they are here to assist with all your bakkie rental needs, and questions.