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Car Rental In Cape Town Doesn’t Have To Break Your Budget – Just Use Xtreme Car Rental

Car Rental In Cape Town Doesn’t Have To Break Your Budget –  Just Use Xtreme Car Rental

Cape Town is South Africa’s top tourist destination for international travellers and while it’s great, what’s not so great for locals is that it can be quite an expensive city to explore. Accommodation and car rental in Cape Town are known to be on the hefty side, especially if you don’t do thorough research or speak to locals before booking first.

But it doesn’t have to break your budget and send you home broke, there are many things to do in Cape Town that is cheap or even free. The same counts for accommodation and car rental. You just have to know where to find it and I am here to help you, at least with the car rental part.

If you’ve never heard of Xtreme Car Rental, make a mental note, write it down or add it to your notes on your smartphone, but don’t ever forget that name. Xtreme Car Rental is a car hire company that’s been around since 2002, helping people just like you to have a great time in Cape Town, while staying in budget. They offer quality vehicles in all shapes and sizes, at affordable prices. As a reliable car rental company, they also offer comprehensive insurance should an accident happen. Don’t worry, people in Cape Town drive much slower than in Johannesburg.

Xtreme Car Rental realises that not everyone owns a credit card and thus makes it possible for you to pay your deposit cash or via debit card. And upon return, your deposit will be back in your account within 7 – 14 working days.

Looking for a long-term rental? No problem. Xtreme Car Rental offers long-term car rentals for up to 36 months. With branches in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg, finding a branch close to you shouldn’t be a challenge.

Plan your next trip to Cape Town and stay within budget by booking your rental car through Xtreme Car Rental. It’s as easy as going online to www.xtremecarrental.co.za, selecting the car you like (or the one that suits your budget), and making an online reservation. Car Rental in Cape Town doesn’t get easier than that. Book your rental car today!