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  1. Experience the Best Car Hire from Xtreme Car Rentals

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    Experience the Best of South Africa with Cheap Car Hire from Xtreme Car Rentals

    Cheap Car Hire from Xtreme Car Rental. South Africans have so much to be proud of.  Our rainbow nation draws visitors from all over the globe to enjoy its natural beauty, unparalleled wildlife and warm climate. The diversity of South Africa is unmatched. You can be lying on a beach in Durban in the morning, and by noon you could be on a game drive in one of our national parks.

    It can be challenging to choose which places to visit in South Africa, so be sure to add these to the top of your list.

    Kruger National Park

    Kruger National Park is located in the Limpopo Province and is known as one of the world’s most popular safari parks and oldest game reserves in South Africa. Visiting Kruger National Park would be your best chance to see our famous “Big Five”, along with an impressive variety of other wildlife.

    Namaqualand Flower Route

    The Namaqualand is known for its burst of colour every spring when almost 4000 different types of flowers blossom which turns the area into a sea of colour. You can easily spend a few days here, driving, cycling or hiking.

    God’s Window

    The views from God’s Window are absolutely exceptional. You can see all the way to the Kruger National Park on a clear day and even as far as Mozambique. The green ravine, canyons and waterfalls are nothing short of majestic.

    Chapmans Peak Drive

    Chapmans Peak Drive is one of the most fantastic routes on the Cape Peninsula and runs between Hout Bay and Noordhoek. It offers some of the most striking views in the world. There are many stopping points along the route where you can stop and revel in the awesomeness of the scenery.

    Garden Route

    The Garden Route runs for approximately 200 kilometres through many of South Africa’s most incredible coastal scenery, along its southeast coast. Stretching from Mossel Bay in the Western Cape to the Storms River in the Eastern Cape, this favoured driving route passes through green hills, charming coastal towns, lagoons, lakes, and cliffs.

    South Africa has so much to offer everyone; you truly will be spoilt for choice! Pack your bags, book your rental car from and enjoy Cheap Car Hire from Xtreme Car Rental South Africa, and ride into a beautiful South African sunset!

  2. 5 Wonderful Things To Do When You Visit Cape Town

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    5 Wonderful Things To Do When You Visit Cape Town

    Cape Town is a very popular tourist destination. With a temperate climate and varied topography, there is something for everyone to see. There are many ways to get around, opting for cheap car hire in Cape Town offers you the freedom to follow your own schedule and visit some of the less well-known sights in and around the city. Drive Through Gorgeous Mountain Passes: The Cape area has a varied and gorgeous landscape with stunning mountain passes. A drive in a luxury car rented from cheap car hire in Cape Town along these mountain passes, can take your breath away. Cheap Car Hire One such pass is the Kaaiman’s River Pass, a 5-hour drive from Cape Town, located on the coastal route between George and Wilderness. It offers spectacular views of the Wilderness coastline, the famous rail bridge, and the Kaaimans River as it spills out into the ocean. Enjoy Water-Sports at The Langebaan Lagoon: 100 km north of Cape Town is the Langebaan lagoon, a part of the West Coast National Park. The lagoon is an intense turquoise; only 6 metres deep at its deepest and completely open to the sea. It is one of only three lagoons world-wide not fed by fresh water. The warm lagoon possesses sheltered, pristine white sand beaches, beautiful rock formations and swim-friendly shallow waters. You can sail, power boat, kayak, kite-surf here. Whale Watching at the De Hoop Natural Reserve: The De Hoop Nature Reserve on the Garden Route is around 3 hours from Cape Town and a World Heritage Site. The neighboring marine reserve, which extends 5km out to sea, is one of the largest in Africa and conserves a vast variety of marine life. De Hoop has one of the best hiking trails in South Africa: The Whale Trail. This route offers coastal and mountain walking, with spectacular views and plenty of opportunities for whale watching. Take an underground tour of Cape Town: Take a tour through the underground tunnels of what used to be an open river that flowed from Table Mountain to the ocean. The tunnels built in 1652, used to supply gardens and passing ships with fresh water, but by 1895 the rivers got too polluted, so they were boarded up and forgotten. Now the tunnels once again only convey spring water into the ocean. Watch Penguins at Boulder’s Beach: The Boulders Penguin Colony was established in 1983, about 40km south of Cape Town. It has pristine beaches with an African Penguin viewing area. If you have children, this is a good place to visit, as immense boulders shelter the cove from currents, wind and large waves. These are some of the things to do while visiting Cape Town.

  3. Top Places to Visit in Johannesburg for Exploring South African History

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    Top Places to Visit in Johannesburg for Exploring South African History

    Johannesburg is historically known as the city of gold. It is one of the cities in South Africa that has witnessed the entire creation of modern Africa. If you are interested in exploring the historical facts of South Africa, you really must visit Johannesburg. Before visiting this city, you should know that it witnesses a heavy flow of tourists all throughout the year. It is a huge city where historical sites are located in and around the vast city limits. Some of them are located outside the city limits. Therefore, you should consider car hire in Johannesburg to make your trip comfortable, especially when you are travelling with your family. Top historical places in Johannesburg that you must visit are:

    Johannesburg for Exploring South African History

    The Apartheid Museum:

    The Apartheid Museum is a most distinguished attraction among the historical monuments of South Africa. Here, the intriguing stories are portrayed through photos, newspaper clippings, film footage, and artefacts at this innovative museum. People are educated about the emotional journey of South Africa, its oppression period and the rise of democracy in this region. Travellers interested in knowing about the freedom movement of South Africa should visit this place.

    Constitution Hill:

    With the magnificent view of Johannesburg, Constitutional Hill is a landmark monument of South African history. It is a former prison that has witnessed prisoners like Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. It is a cluster of four museums now transformed into a symbol of freedom. People can watch the judiciary process and gain insights into the rich history of South Africa at Constitutional Hill. Since it is located outside the city, you should opt for car hire in Johannesburg to reach this place comfortably.

    The Lindfield Victorian House Museum

    Known as the Provincial Heritage Site, it is a unique museum depicting the marvellous Victorian era in the South Africa. Visitors will find it interesting as the owner of museum herself dressed in the Victorian era style welcomes guests, and also guides them. It holds an impressive collection of the past centuries, including household items, artefacts, furniture, art pieces, and other fascinating items.

    The Mandela Museum:

    Located 20 kilometres away from the heart of the city, The Mandela Museum is an important historical monument depicting the freedom struggle of South Africa. People in South Africa recognize this museum as the soul of the fight for freedom, as their journey to democracy has roots in this place. The fire of freedom spread from here to the entire South Africa. The museum has been designed with catchments and green corridors for a relaxed ambiance.

    Apart from these, you can also visit other historical places like Freedom Square and Mandela House Museum by opting for car hire in Johannesburg.

  4. Top Places to Visit with Kids during Your Trip to Johannesburg

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    Top Places to Visit with Kids during Your Trip to Johannesburg

    Johannesburg is a comprehensive travel destination loved by the tourists of every age group. The city is filled with unlimited fun and thrilling attractions to enthral every visitor. You can plan a trip to this city using cheap car rental in Johannesburg. It is the most convenient way of exploring the wonderful excursions in Johannesburg. If you are accompanied by the small kids, it is important to choose your destinations accordingly. You would need to select the attractions that are suitable for the children, so that they can not only enjoy the place, but also learn something from it.

    Trip to Johannesburg

    After you decide to explore Johannesburg, your first step should be to find the best car rental service. After assessing your options, book in advance for the start of a hassle-free trip. Choose local car hire companies with ample experience and knowledge about the local sights. You can ask for suggestions from them to plan your trip from the perspective of the kids accompanying you. Here are some of the top locations to visit with kids in Johannesburg:

    Sci-Bono Discovery Centre:

    Located in the heart of the city, Sci-Bono Discovery Centre is a world-class science centre. It is a wonderful place offering intriguing and extensive technology centric education. It offers innovative and surprising science and math experiments that attract the attention of every kid. Furthermore, it is packed with many activities that are interesting for both kids and adults. People can spend hours learning about different engineering wonders at this centre.

    Carlton Centre:

    It is an amazing destination located in the centre of Johannesburg. It is an office building designed with American architecture. It has a mammoth height of 730 feet. You can enjoy the skyline of Johannesburg at this elevated location. Shops in this mall offer traditional and cultural merchandise along with contemporary collections. You can enjoy a 360-degree view of Johannesburg skyline from the Carlton Centre. Remember, it is one of the landmark attractions of the city and witnesses a high footfall during the weekends. We suggest visiting this place with a cheap car rental in Johannesburg.

    Gold Reef City:

    Gold Reef City is a place full of expectations and amusement. It is an age-old gold mine converted into a museum and a full-fledged amusement park. This place is filled with unlimited fun and enjoyment. People are spellbound by the roller coaster rides, water slides, giant wheel, golden loop, runaway train, tornado, dream boat, and other fun-filled activities of the park. The museum contains various facts about gold mining and other specifics, and is a unique attraction. Gold Reef City is an enjoyable place located in Johannesburg city.

    Since these places are located at a distance from each other, we recommend you hire cheap car rental in Johannesburg to explore them comfortably.

  5. How to Get Cheap Car Rental in Johannesburg

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    How to Get Cheap Car Rental in Johannesburg

    Tourists who love adventure and are looking for a complete travel destination must visit Johannesburg at least once in their lifetime. It is an amazing place for holidays due to its versatile attractions and beautiful sightseeing. People arrive in this city to explore its never-ending charm. And, they never get disappointed as well. In this regard, cheap car rental in Johannesburg adds a distinctive flavour to this enjoyment and enriches their vacations. These car rental services are offered by experienced companies. They are always prepared to provide affordable commuting facilities to every new tourist coming to the city. There is a process or practice by which you can really find cheap and dependable car hire facility in this wonderful city.

    How to Get Cheap Car Rental in Johannesburg?

    Find A Deal Online:

    Almost every renowned fleet operator in Johannesburg has a robust online presence. They have a comprehensive web portal that displays their services and details which are generally asked for by clients. You can visit their website and try to find the best deal to save your time and money. Many car operators offer various schemes and discounts through their site. Find them for safe and secured exploration whilst using a well-maintained car.

    Prefer Insured Car:

    Amateur car rental companies do not insure their vehicle to reduce their cost. This is not favourable for the tourists. It is safe to ask about the insurance of car before booking. An experienced fleet operator not only offers cheap car rental in Johannesburg but also provides comprehensive insurance with every vehicle.

    Prefer A Low Mileage Car:

    An experienced car rental service provider in Johannesburg always possesses a fleet of new low-mileage cars. There may be alluring advertisements on the internet offering a lower rent. But, it is simultaneously important to check the fleet held by that operator. A trusted car rental company can offer low mileage cars that have travelled less than 50 thousand kilometres. Hiring a car from such vendor will be more beneficial.

    Choose A Car Logically:

    You should be logical while selecting a car from these fleet operators. They possess every nature of vehicle, and are ready to offer them as per your requirement. Firstly, you should count the number of people travelling with you and opt for the vehicle that can easily accommodate your group. Ask for a vehicle with better seating capacity to accommodate any person included in your trip at the last moment. It is better to have one vehicle instead of two for groups to reduce the overhead costs.

    If you are looking for a cheap car rental in Johannesburg, simply follow these steps. There are many reputable companies operating in this city who offer their specialized services in this regard.

  6. Explore South Africa Long-Term Car Rental

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    Explore the Wonderful Landscape of South Africa with Long-Term Car Rental

    Explore South Africa Long-Term Car Rental South Africa is known for its tranquil nature and favourable climate. It receives winter when there is summer in the Northern hemisphere and vice versa. Therefore, you can make an extensive trip to this place when you want to swap the summer heat for chilling winter. In this regard, February to May is the ideal time to visit South Africa.

    Explore South Africa Long-Term Car Rental

    You can plan a visit to the multiple cities of this country with the help of long term car rental services. Which is the most comfortable and affordable way to travel in South Africa. Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town are some of the renowned cities in South Africa. There are many reputable car rental service providers to enhance the excitement of your trip with their professional services. By hiring them, you can expect benefits like.

    Explore South Africa Long-Term Car Rental

    Affordable and Convenient Conveyance Facility:

    Hiring car rental services are beneficial in terms of comfort and affordability. Fleet operators provide cheap and low-price hiring services. Perhaps, it is the most affordable transport facility available in this region. Moreover, it becomes more cost-effective if you compare the number of excursions that you can comfortably cover in a single day. You can visit more places in less time. You will have an extra edge in luxury and comfort when you explore these stunning destinations within the South African landscape in a rented car.

    Avail Special Discounts:

    When you hire car rental for a longer-term, companies readily offer extra discounts and privileges to their customers. Comparatively, long term car rental is cheaper than daily or weekly car hire.

    Extra options like GPS or Child Safety seats are provided at a negligible cost. They also provide extra kilometres when you hire their services for a long term. Benefits like comprehensive insurance, regular maintenance and waiver for wear & tear are offered for comfortable and peaceful exploration without any issues.

    Cheap Intra-city Travelling:

    South Africa is recognized as a versatile country decked with wonderful attractions and unique destinations. Travelling to its excursions and other cities through well-maintained highways is an awesome experience for travellers. Its mesmerizing views and charming location can make your day.

    Apart from a wonderful journey, you can save a lot of money when you decide to travel by rental car.

    Flight tickets are undoubtedly highly-priced. While travelling by car, you can enjoy its beautiful sightseeing at your own pace, and save you money as well.

    Enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of South Africa by hiring long term car rental service. These services are cost-effective and efficient as compared to public transport. Being a first-time visitor to the country, these car rentals can definitely enhance the excitement of your trip.

  7. How to Find the Best Car Hire At OR Tambo International Airport

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    How to Find the Best Car Hire At OR Tambo International Airport

    OR Tambo Airport is one of the most prominent entry points of South Africa. Also known as Johannesburg Airport, this airport caters to a huge number of travellers throughout the year. It teems with every facility to ensure a pleasurable stay for every tourist in the city. If you are on tour to Johannesburg, don’t forget to opt for car hire at OR Tambo airport. It is a comprehensive service that not only ensures a comfortable journey but also allows you to travel hassle-free. Car Hire At OR Tambo Airport? There are many travel agencies located near the airport, but looking to book them on your arrival may be your biggest mistake, especially during the peak season. Most of the rental cars at OR Tambo airport remain overbooked and you may have to wait endlessly to get an appropriate vehicle. To avoid this situation, you can opt for online bookings to receive comfortable car hire services at OR Tambo airport without any extra expenses. Booking a car hire service is the right thing to do when you are planning a trip to this wonderful city. Here are the steps to follow while finding the best rental cars in Johannesburg. Visit an Online Portal: Most of the established fleet operators in Johannesburg have their presence on the internet. You can readily visit their online portal at any time. All details regarding the vehicles and their services are offered on their website. You can gather this information including the car models, hiring charges, and other details which may be vital for the new arrivals in this city. Choose Your Point of Arrival: You should select your point of arrival and the time of booking for your car hire service. Select trusted car hire at OR Tambo airport to get the keys on arrival. You need to complete a few formalities at the airport and you’re done. You can also choose your drop off point as per your convenience. Book a Suitable Car: For hassle-free car hire services at OR Tambo airport, you should complete an online booking in advance. It is very easy to select a car online and book a deal for your upcoming trip with local fleet operators. They provide the same or similar car upon arrival at the airport. Pay at Your Convenience: Paying fleet operators is even simpler than hiring a car. They accept all payment modes which are offered in South Africa. If you don’t have cards, you can pay cash while credit and debit cards are also accepted by local fleet operators. These are some of the best methods to assess and find the most reliable Car Hire at OR Tambo airport in Johannesburg.

  8. Reasons To Choose Johannesburg As Your Next Holiday Destination

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    Johannesburg Your Next Holiday Destination

    Johannesburg, An Exceptional Tourist Destination

    Johannesburg your next holiday destination is an exceptional tourist destination within South Africa. Considered one of the biggest cities on the African continent. Rich in tourist destinations that attract thousands of people every year. The city is blessed with numerous historical and modern establishments.

    Travellers love to visit this city with their family and friends. However, it is important to book car rental at OR Tambo airport to make your trip in Johannesburg comfortable and pleasurable. Here are some places you should not miss when you visit Johannesburg:

    Johannesburg Your Next Holiday Destination

    Apartheid Museum:

    A must see place in Johannesburg. It thoughtfully illustrates the era of oppression and segregation in South Africa. With its alluring architecture, the Apartheid Museum displays an interesting and inspiring story of the quest to establish democracy in the region. With a hired car, it is easy to arrive at this museum situated at a distance of 8 km from the centre of Johannesburg. People having interest in historical events must visit this place to broaden their knowledge about South Africa.

    Constitution Hill:

    Constitution Hill is another amazing museum located in the area of the Old Fort. It is the most important attraction of Johannesburg where people want to know about the composition of modern South Africa. The old fort, which has witnessed imprisonment of great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, is also an interesting place to explore in this city. Visitors may opt for Car Rental at OR Tambo or any other entry point of the city to explore this location easily.

    Zoo Lake:

    Zoo Lake is an outstanding location for the travellers seeking tranquillity and peace. This lake located near the epicentre of the town is an exotic picnic spot for locals and foreign travellers alike. Paved pathways along the lake are the best place to stroll down in this city. Row boats or paddle boats available here can be used to reach the fountain located in the centre of Zoo Lake.

    Gold Reef City:

    Gold Reef City is a popular tourist destination, especially for the kids. It offers the perfect day out for families. They can cruise through this dreamland created and crafted on a historical theme.

    Your trip to Johannesburg is incomplete without spending a day at Gold Reef City with your kids.

    Besides these, there are many museums and historical places located in the city of Johannesburg displaying its rich heritage. Hire a car rental at OR Tambo Airport and visit all these exquisite places extensively.

  9. How to Enjoy an Adventure Tour in Cape Town

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    How to Enjoy an Adventure Tour in Cape Town

    How to Enjoy an Adventure Tour in Cape Town. Cape Town is well known for its enthusiastic and adventurous attractions. People from around the world visit this wonderful city not only for its serene and natural beauty but also for these destinations offering a perfect adventure escapade. Most of these destinations are located at faraway distances.

    When you plan a visit to this city, rent a car in Cape Town to explore these exotic places without worrying about local transport means available for the travellers.

    How to Enjoy an Adventure Tour in Cape Town

    Table Mountain:

    Table Mountain in Cape Town is one of the best adventure spots in the city. Here, you can enjoy hiking, climbing, and trekking in a stunning ambiance. Also, they can enjoy sailing, diving, surfing, and kayaking on the seashore. Table Mountain has almost vertical cliffs that offer wonderful views of Cape Town and stunning spectacles of the Atlantic Ocean. It is alluring to watch the sunset and have a ride on the rotating cableway. Never miss a drink at a local restaurant under the night skies after sunset.

    Visiting Table Mountain can be a lifetime memory due to its scenic mountain top, stunning shoreline, and tranquil trails.

    Aerial Boardwalk in Cape Town:

    Located at a short distance from Table Mountain, Aerial Boardwalk is a stunning adventure within the premises of Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden. The natural reserve established for the conservation of rare plants looks amazing from this elevated broad walkway. Capturing the picturesque views of botanical gardens is the most preferred adventure at the Aerial Boardwalk in Cape Town. Travellers can rent a car in Cape Town for an exquisite visit to these mountains and hilly places. Always prefer a 4X4 vehicle for a comfortable drive to this destination.

    Two Oceans Aquarium:

    Aquarium diving is another stunning adventure found in the region of Cape Town. Two-Oceans Aquarium is the most preferred aquarium exhibiting wonderful marine life.

    It is situated on the southern coast of Cape Town. Visitors can discover seahorses, sharks, and many other aquatic species here. This Aquarium is the perfect place to enjoy diving. Underwater photography is also allowed for visitors. So, never forget to visit the Two Oceans Aquarium when you are in the city of Cape Town for an adventure trip.

    Cape Canopy Tour:

    Located in the Hottentots Holland Nature Reserve, Cape Canopy Town is an extraordinary adventure activity for the travellers. Its fully-guided tour of two and a half hours is a thrilling experience to climb cliffs and mountain slopes. It is decked with a 330-meters long elevated bridge, two spectacular waterfalls, and mesmerizing ambience in its surroundings.

    These are some of the best and most visited adventurous destinations in the city of Cape Town. Don’t miss them on your travel itinerary. Also, remember to rent a car in Cape Town to visit all these wonderful destinations comfortably in this city.

    For Car Rental in Cape Town, contact Xtreme Car Rental

  10. 3 unbeatable advantages of Cheap Car Rental at Cape Town Airport

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    3 unbeatable advantages of Cheap Car Rental at Cape Town Airport

    3 unbeatable advantages of Cheap Car Rental at Cape Town Airport. Finding a cab for travelling from Cape Town airport to the city can be a difficult task. Xtreme Car Rental can provide you with a rental vehicle from Cape Town Airport to make your life easier.

    3 unbeatable advantages of Cheap Car Rental at Cape Town Airport

    Cape Town airport is located 12.4 miles from Cape Town City Centre. The airport offers varied transportation facilities to travel to the town and back to the airport. You can either hire a car, private van or get on a shared ride, which is the most economical. People who prefer to travel in style and comfort after the tiring journey can hire a cheap car rental Cape Town airport service and enjoy the ride to their destination in Cape Town. Here are a few reasons why it makes sense to rent a car rather than hiring a taxi

    1. Convenience
    Hiring a taxi at Cape Town has its own share of problems. You can never guarantee it showing up on time and you may find yourself waiting tirelessly for the car to arrive. If you expect a car service with heightened prestige and elevated service standards, Cape Town airport car rental service is right for you. It is ideal for any important event or an occasion that calls for premium service. The Cape Town airport car hire service can be booked online and you will find a car waiting for you at Cape Town airport to pick up. Similarly, there are no hassles when you are leaving, you just need to park the car at the airport and board your return flight.

    2. Wide range of cars
    The Cape Town airport car service has a wide range of fleet of cars perfect for different events and occasions. Cheap Car Rental Cape Town Airport service offers innovative amenities and unparalleled excellence in service quality. Cape Town airport car services cater to every small request from guests, offering unparalleled customer service. You can choose from a large fleet of cars offering several luxurious options. The type of service, cars and the features of the car are available while booking online.

    3. Saves Time and Money
    When you are travelling, you always have less time for everything. Consider waiting in line to hire a cab. Why not visit cheap car rental Cape Town airport service website and plan everything in advance. If you don’t have time to call, you can always visit the website and book the car you want in a matter of a few minutes.

    The online reservation is simple and there are no long forms to be filled in. All you need to fill in is your arrival date and time and departure date and time and select the car you want. All cars that are available for rent are parked at Epping depot which is a stone’s throw away from the airport, so you never have to worry about the delay. In fact, the car would be waiting in the parking area for you and it will be delivered to you personally. The company guarantees zero excess fees which mean you are never overcharged for the services.

    These are some of the advantages of using a car rental Cape town airport service.

  11. 6 Reasons to consider Car Rental in Pretoria

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    6 Reasons to consider Car Rental in Pretoria

    6 Reasons to consider Car Rental in Pretoria. Travelling is a daily activity and we need to go from one place to another every day. To keep you free from travelling woes, consider car rental Pretoria and reach your destination on time.

    6 Reasons to consider Car Rental in Pretoria

    Car rental services are there to make your life easier. When you want to reach an important event on time or you want to keep your mind free of worries about travelling to and from a venue. The best bet is to rent a car in Pretoria. Here are some reasons why it makes sense to consider car rental Pretoria.

    1. Leave with your bride in style
    You have probably seen in Hollywood movies the newly married couple zooms off from the wedding venue in a luxurious car. No matter what your wedding budget, you can always rent a car instead of borrowing a car from your friends or relatives. Car rental services offer a wide range of convertibles that are perfect for a cinematic exit.

    2. Make the best impression on the first date
    You want to impress your date and want everything to be perfect. You have selected the best clothes from your wardrobe, best perfume and look fresh. How about picking your date in a nice car?

    You don’t need to book a limousine; you can rent a car that suits your personality to make a great impression.
    Meeting your friends in style for a high-school reunion

    High school reunion events are special for everyone. Like your wedding, you would like to be a centre of attention for friends and everyone. Even if you have not achieved success as you had dreamt in school, you can certainly ensure your friends adore you as a successful person.

    Go to car rental Pretoria website and select a car that would convey the message to your friends and everyone attending the high-school reunion.

    3. Enjoying a long trip
    When going on a long trip, it does not make sense to take your own car. Besides long trips cause a considerable amount of wear and tear on the car and you might end up spending more than what you would have paid to the car rental service.

    A smart rental choice will ensure all travellers are comfortable and there are more seating options and sufficient space for all luggage. Car rental services have a wide range of cars and you can always save money by choosing the car offering the best mileage and economy options.

    4. Trip Convenience
    Renting a car is always cost-effective and more convenient that hiring a cab. With a car rental service, you can always chart out a travel plan and ensure you don’t waste time when travelling to different places in Pretoria.

    You can expect to save a good amount of time as you will not be required to wait for the cab to arrive.

    5. Moving in Style
    When you are shifting from one place to another, try renting a truck from a car rental service. This will save your vehicle from scratches and dents and also give you more room to transport items.

    There are some of the reasons to use a car rental service instead of driving your own car or hiring a cab.

    For Car Rental in Pretoria, contact Xtreme Car Rental

  12. Top Four Must Visit Experiences In Johannesburg

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    Top Four Must Visit Experiences In Johannesburg

    Johannesburg or Joburg as the city is fondly called is the largest city in South Africa, and also its constitutional capital. In the last century the city was known for its gold and diamond mines, often being cited as the City of Gold! Today the city is widely spread, and is a commercial and cultural hub of the country. Many business travellers and tourists who visit Johannesburg ensure they take a tour of the various sights and attractions to get a glimpse of the vibrant city. Here are the Top Four Must Visit Experiences In Johannesburg

    Young successful businessman offering a car key. Close-up of driver hand showing key

    1. Constitutional Hill

    South Africa is unique in the fact that it has three capital cities and Johannesburg is its constitutional capital. The constitutional court is located on the Constitutional Hill which is today a reminder of the gruesome past, but with hope for the future. It was a fort and prison in the past and visitors go to the fort at ‘Number Four’, Women’s Gaol and the Old Fort. There is also the ‘Flame of Democracy’ which is an eternal flame lit since 2012.

    2. South Western Townships

    Soweto in the South Western Townships is better known as a suburb of the city, which became a part of the ever expanding city. It is a most important historical area, as it has seen its share of events right from the gold rush to the Soweto uprising. The important landmarks in the city where this history was played out are the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, Soweto Hall of Fame, Mandela House, Tutu House, Credo Mutwa Village, Walter Sisulu Square, Regina Mundi and Freedom Towers.

    3. Gold Reef City

    Gold Reef City is essentially an amusement park and one of the must see places in Johannesburg. The speciality of the park is that it has a gold rush theme and everything from the décor to the employees at the park look like they are out of the 1900’s! It has thrilling rides, roller coasters as well as a large casino. It has two museums on the grounds, the mining museum as well the apartheid museum which is to commemorate the struggles of the native Africans.

    4. Lesedi Cultural Village

    Aha Lesedi is a cultural village in Johannesburg and is the perfect place to understand the great continent of Africa. Located in the African bush veld within the Cradle of Humankind, this village hosts five different tribes of Africa – Zulu, Xhosa, Pedi, Basotho and Ndebele tribes who live in the village, in the lifestyle of their ancestors. Visitors get a taste of the culture including cuisine, lifestyle and folklore at this colourful village.

    No matter your choice of destination in Johannesburg, we have the Car Hire solution to let you explore at your leisure. Book Your Car Hire in Johannesburg and see why the city has been called the City Of Gold.

  13. The Most Interesting Things to Do On a Holiday Trip to Durban

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    The Most Interesting Things to Do On a Holiday Trip to Durban

    If you have chosen Durban as your next holiday destination, you are making an excellent decision to explore such a wonderful place. As one of the leading tourism destinations in South Africa, it is well visited throughout the year. Tourists arriving for vacation to this stunning city prefer booking an affordable Durban car rental service to explore it extensively. With this comprehensive service, you can easily find every place within your reach and explore every attraction more enthusiastically.


    uShaka Marine World:

    uShaka Marine World is one of the largest underwater aquariums packed with splendid species of marine life. It is an amazing place for the people of every age, especially kids and nature enthusiasts. There is a lot to do at this venue. Its friendly atmosphere and serene environment will surely leave behind an everlasting memory in your mind.

    Umgeni River Bird Park:

    If you are a nature aficionado, don’t miss visiting the popular Umgeni River Bird Park in Durban. It is a beautiful location encompassed with rare and amazing species of birds. It also dedicated to restoring the population of some endangered avifauna.

    Phezulu Safari Park:

    Located on the outskirts of Durban, Phezulu Safari Park is one of the most prominent places to visit in this city. Take 4×4 vehicles from a reputable Durban car rental service to explore this attraction comfortably. It is easy to navigate the twisting roads and off roads of this region. It is an excellent family attraction where you can watch live crocodile shows and snakes.

    Golden Mile Beachfront:

    Beach lovers may visit Golden Mile Beachfront located in the northern part of Durban. This region can be hard to reach for the first-time travellers. Hence, it is advisable to hire a car to access it comfortably. Spread in the range of a mile, this beautiful beach offers several adrenaline-pumping sports for the adventure seeker. Here, you can enjoy surfing as well.

    Durban Botanic Garden:

    Undoubtedly, Durban has exquisite flora to captivate the attention of nature lovers. It boasts Durban Botanical Garden which is one of the best and oldest botanical gardens filled with rare plants and trees. There are many events organized around the year to mesmerise the visitors coming to this beautiful attraction.

    Apart from these, there are many remarkable places to visit in Durban which you can choose according to your taste and interest. An efficient Durban car rental service can help you in planning an enjoyable holiday trip to this city.

  14. Why Renting a Car in Cape Town is a Wise Financial Decision

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    Why Renting a Car in Cape Town is a Wise Financial Decision

    ‘Money saved is money earned’ or so goes the saying and it cannot ring more true for travellers. Travel costs include several factors like cost of the vehicle, maintenance of the vehicle and of course the fuel costs. On the other hand if you wish to avoid all these costs, your option is public transport but that leads to a lot of time delays and inconvenience as public transport is not possible everywhere. The solution to this dilemma, as many business travellers and tourists have found is to rent a car in Cape Town South Africa. And here are the reasons why –


    All inclusive rates

    The biggest worry travellers have with car rentals is that sometimes hidden charges are added, however today there are several car rental companies which provide authentic services and spell out the rates and all the inclusive charges at the outset. This makes it easy for the travellers to make an informed decision on which car to rent.

    Lowest Price Guarantee

    It is after all a free market economy and companies vie to give the best products and services for their customers, and the same goes for car rental companies. You can rest assured you will be offered the best rates and lowest prices when you choose a rental car, this makes it more attractive to rent versus buying a car or using public transport!

    Free kilometres and additional services

    This is especially useful if you are using the rental car every day, for short distances you get free kilometres, and it’s a win-win situation for you. Apart from this, you also get emergency roadside assistance. Now this is particularly important because as travellers in Cape Town you may not have family or friends who would rush to your aid in case of an emergency. These car rental companies will give you this service as an inclusion.

    New vehicles and upgrades

    Another reason for car aficionados to rent a car is that car rentals usually have the best and new models in their car fleet. If you were to buy a car then you cannot upgrade it as fast as you wish. This benefit of renting a car will give you access to new cars, sometimes you can even get a free upgrade to your existing car rental. If you Rent A Car in Cape Town South Africa, the car rental company will also maintain it for you thus taking the burden of your shoulders.

    All these above reasons will cut down your travel while ensuring you the comfort and ease of having a vehicle at your disposal, making car rental the best choice in Cape Town.

  15. Four Reasons to Choose Long Term Car Rental in Cape Town

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    Four Reasons to Choose Long Term Car Rental in Cape Town

    Cape Town is a fantastic city, one of the best cities in South Africa for business and pleasure. It often features in the best cities in the world and is a lively and happening city. With the best infrastructure and amenities, it is a great place to live and attracts travellers from across the world. Business persons, students and tourists, a lot of people visit Cape Town for various reasons and many of them end up staying for long periods of time. While it is easy to rent cars or taxis in the city, for travellers the best option is to use Long Term Car Rental in Cape Town and here are the reasons why –

    Young successful businessman offering a car key. Close-up of driver's hand showing key

    1.Uncertainty of travel period

    Cape Town is an important commercial city with businesses spanning across sectors and being a main city of South Africa it has the headquarters of many companies. It is also a popular destination for students who visit for exchange programs and studies. If you are such a traveller, then you always need the flexibility to fly back to your home country any time. In such a scenario it is best to get a car rental instead of buying a car which will be difficult to dispose at the end of your stay.

    2.Cheap rates including insurance

    When you buy a car it is best to get a few years of service out of it to recoup your investment in the vehicle. However, if you don’t intend to travel for longer than a few months then a long term car rental is your best option. The rental companies give the best rates and it works out cheaper in long run .

    3.Fleet maintenance

    Maintenance of a car is the biggest setback for owning a vehicle and if you are not going to keep it for long then there is no motivation to maintain a vehicle, and at the same time the vehicle value goes down if you don’t maintain it. To avoid all these troubles, it is convenient to hire a long term car rental to get a complete package which includes vehicle maintenance as well.

    4.Freedom to travel

    Cape Town is a beautiful city; it has the incredible coastline and the pretty beaches as well as the mighty Table Mountain. It has several avenues for relaxation and entertainment, and when you are in the city for a long period no doubt you will want to explore all that the city has to offer. To enjoy the city and have the freedom to travel as you like, nothing is better than hiring a long term car rental in Cape Town.

    These above reasons should motivate you to get a car rental the next time you are in Cape Town!

  16. Why it is Best to Get a Cheap Car Hire in Johannesburg

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    Cheap Car Hire Johannesburg Your Best Option

    Cheap Car Hire Johannesburg, where the buzz is! The largest city in South Africa, Johannesburg the hub of business and one of the world’s most important financial centres. This city truly is an urban metropolis with its skyscrapers, busy financial districts and buzzing residential neighbourhoods. With a rich history, this city attracts business professionals and tourists alike, from within Africa and abroad. The spawling city a destination for all types of travellers offers Car Hire Services in Johannesburg. Whether getting to a business meeting on time or a museum visit, it is always great to have a hire car at your disposal.

    Cheap Car Hire Johannesburg

    In busy cities across the world, car hire is the best mode of transport and so is the case with Johannesburg.

    Reasons Why One Should Hire A Car While In Johannesburg

    It Makes Business Sense –

    Business travellers save even more time, as you don’t get caught waiting in lines at airports. We provide the best localised services and advice to compliment your Cheap Car Hire in Johannesburg.You as a business professional know that “Time is money”, as there is never enough time in a day. Time better spent in checking emails or making those crucial phone calls.

    It Is Convenient –

    Car hire in Johannesburg means great service complimented by advice from experienced drivers who knows the city. As big and wide as Johannesburg is everyone needs some help every now and then. You don’t want to be caught in traffic jams, wasting precious time and money sitting idly in the car. Our drivers know the local areas ensuring travellers reach their destination in time, be it for a business or pleasure.

    It Is Affordable –

    Transport in cities is a tricky affair, don’t find yourself at the mercy of car rental agents at the last minute. Our online booking system allows you to Book Cheap Car Hire In Johannesburg prior to travelling. This helps you save time and money.

    It Is Reliable –

    We offer a large fleet of cars at any given time. Not being dependent on contingencies or issues with peak time means we guarantee to deliver. And it is quite possible that even an upgrade can be offered for no extra cost.

    In conclusion, sound reasons to choose cheap car hire in Johannesburg, well worth it!

  17. 3 Reasons To Choose A Cheap Car Rental At Cape Town Airport

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    3 Reasons To Choose A Cheap Car Rental At Cape Town Airport

    Cheap Car Rental At Cape Town Airport

    Cape Town is South Africa’s most scenic and cosmopolitan city, thronged by tourists and visitors all year long. The amazing weather and the stunning vistas make Cape Town a very special city. From the mesmerizing sunsets and ocean to the imposing beauty of Table Mountain, Cape Town has incredible landscapes. Touted as one of the best tourist destinations in the world, frequented by travellers for pleasure and business alike. The city being spread across a large area, travellers start their journey with cheap car rental at Cape Town Airport.

    Cheap Car Rental At Cape Town Airport

    3 Ways Cheap Car Rental At Cape Town Airport Saves.

    Car Rental At Cape Town Airport Saves Time

    1) Save time – Cape Town, a big hit with tourists, many of whom are backpackers and budget travellers hopping between South Africa’s cities. Travellers prefer to enjoy the time spent at the sights soaking in all the sights and wonders rather than on public transport. This is why cheap car rental at Cape Town Airport will take you across the city within much less time. Business travellers would rather spend time in productive activities than waiting in line for public transport.

    Car Rental At Cape Town Airport Saves Money

    2) Save money – Cape Town can be an expensive city and travellers prefer spending money on experiences. Hiring car rental will save travellers on budget and finding the best rates for different modes of rental.

    Car Rental At Cape Town Airport Saves You From Getting Lost

    3) Local expertise – A new city can be tough to navigate through, especially a city like Cape Town. With a myriad of sections including the harbour, business district, downtown areas and the tourist sights. Travellers prefer to use local car hire services and our drivers know the destinations and the shortest route there. Apart from these amazing reasons to choose cheap car rental at Cape Town Airport. You can choose to keep the rental for as long as you want, for as many days you want, and you will get billed for it in one neat affordable package.

  18. Top Trips to plan in Cape Town

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    Top Trips to plan in Cape Town

    Cape Town, the multi-faceted port city on South Africa’s coast, is among the world’s top 25 tourist destinations.

    That’s just one of the reasons both locals and tourists to have visited the glistening city more than once.

    The city has grown from a small European settlement in the mid 1600’s, acting as a fuelling station for ships travelling to and from East Africa, India and the Far East, to that of a bustling economic centre today. Over the centuries, Cape Town has amalgamated a number of cultures and cuisines to bring forth its own distinct flavour of South Africa.


    Experiencing these flavours of Cape Town in a rental car, or in any one of the following ways can each be splendid experiences in their own rights:

    Bicycle: Cycles are easily available for hire all around Cape Town. Local guides lead regular tours around the city on a daily basis.

    On foot: The town boasts of a number of tours organized for those who wish to visit city tourist spots at their own pace and at no cost at all.

    Rikkis Taxis: This is an excellent option for the outgoing tourist who likes to interact with fellow tourists while sharing a Rikkis taxi ride and cutting travel costs at the same time.

    Minibus: This is also an inexpensive way to get around the city, in which the drop off points can be requested by passengers.

    Metered Taxis: Convenient door to door conveyance is provided by metered taxis, however, the rates tend to be much higher than that of other modes of transport.

    Rental Car: Renting a car in Cape Town is perhaps the most convenient for the locals who are on vacation or in Cape Town for work, or for tourists when travel is desired at their own pace and across a wide range of locations. The options available for renting a car in Cape Town are also wide – ranging from economical small cars to luxury cars for special occasions.

    Double decker bus: Perhaps one of the easiest way to see the sights of Cape Town, the double decker bus with an audio tour of the landmarks in several languages are a treat for both young and old.

    Top 7 places to visit in Cape Town:

    There are a number of local places to shop, eat and visit while at Cape Town, however the top seven major must-see locations include:

    1. Table Mountain
    2. Constantia Valley
    3. Camps Bay
    4. Victoria & Alfred Waterfront
    5. Boulders Beach
    6. Shark Cage Diving
    7. Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point

    Being amongst the world’s top 25 tourist destinations, Cape Town certainly has its own charm in getting people to visit.

  19. Why Renting A Car In Pretoria Is Easier Than Ever Before

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    Why Renting A Car In Pretoria Is Easier Than Ever Before

    Renting A Car In Pretoria

    Pretoria, a city located in the Gauteng Province of South Africa, one of the finest travel destinations in the country. It offers incredible historical attractions, shopping malls, and natural destinations. This metropolis attracts a lot of business travellers and tourists every year. However, it is nearly impossible to visit every attraction without hiring a car in this vast city. When planning an itinerary for this buzzing destination, renting a car in Pretoria allows you to explore it thoroughly. It provides ample comfort and the ability to visit every destination that you look for.

    Renting A Car in Pretoria

    Factors That Make Your Journey Easier Renting A Car In Pretoria.


    Simple Driving Guidelines


    Driving norms in the city of Pretoria are quite simple and clear. The flow of traffic in this city is seamless which makes driving effortless. A valid drivers license of any country is valid in South Africa. With the rule of left-hand drive, it becomes easier to adapt to the traffic of this region. In this regard, renting a car is highly preferable for the travellers coming from the countries having similar traffic rules.


    Ability to Choose Your Preferred Car


    You can choose a car according to your requirements and level of comfort. Xtreme Car Rental in Pretoria offers a wide range of vehicles including small cars, sedans, sports utility vehicles, and utility vehicles. Travellers can select a car of their own preference. Small cars are suitable for families of up to four people, while eight-seater cars are perfect for larger groups.


    Selecting Your Terms


    Xtreme car Rental in Pretoria simplifies the process of renting a car by offering comprehensive options. You are free to select the vehicle for a short term or longer term. In the short-term, you can hire a car for one day. While in the longer term, you are able to Hire a Car from 1 Month up to 36 Months. Such convenience allows flexibility in your exploration and makes your journey more satisfying.


    Multiple Payment Options


    Because making payments for any service is a concern, Xtreme Car Rental in Pretoria offers ample payment solutions for the convenience of their clients. Cash, debit card, credit card, and EFT are some of the simple means to make payments for their services.

    Reasons proving that you can travel more safely and cost-effectively if you Rent A Car in Pretoria.

  20. Travel Safely And Cheaply With A Johannesburg Car Rental

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    Travel Safely And Cheaply With A Johannesburg Car Rental

    Johannesburg, Gauteng is a popular tourist destination nestled in a beautiful landscape surrounded by unique terrain. With attractions like The Apartheid Museum, Constitution Hill, Gold Reef City, Johannesburg Art Gallery, Johannesburg is best explored with a rental car. You can easily Rent A Car In Johannesburg through our online booking system. One of the most convenient means of transport backed by our friendly support staff. You should book your rental car in advance because last minute vehicle rental, although possible, could leave you stranded. Johannesburg Car Rental

    Tips to make your trip cheaper and safer with Johannesburg Car Rental:

    Choose A Low Mileage Car:

    Rental operators in Johannesburg offer a wide range of new and low mileage cars that provide a pleasant driving experiences on the highways. It is beneficial that you hire a newer rental car to ensure uninterrupted journey across our expansive landscape. Such cars are less prone to breakdown while exploring the city.

    Compare Prices Online:

    Almost every car rental company in Johannesburg has its presence on the internet. Compare the prices of different operators for different cars, and for a specific period. An experienced company understands the requirement of its clients and it offers suitable services. Staying for longer? See if Long-Term Car Rental will not save you money rather than day to day. Car rental services are pocket-friendly and cheaper than other modes of transport.

    Read Online Reviews:

    Assess the credibility of a company, you need to check the testimonials and reviews uploaded by customers who have used their services before. Advertisements always promise the earth, however the authenticity of these is always debatable.

    Check Additional Features:

    Look for additional features while taking a rental car in Johannesburg. The amount of damage waiver or wear and tear exemption allowed by the service provider is important to save your money. In the case of collision, such waivers become crucial. Moreover, a GPS system provided at additional cost also ensures easy navigation in the city.

    In conclusion, our advice for when you next plan to Rent A Car In Johannesburg.

  21. 5 Things You Need To Know About Car Rentals

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    5 Things You Need To Know About Car Rentals

    The car rentals industry is one of the industries that has seen quite a lot of growth in recent times. With car rental agencies and companies increasing their fleet with every passing day, more and more cities across various countries are now being covered and offer car rental service. If you are looking at utilizing a monthly car rental service for your convenience, it would be worthwhile to understand the ins and outs of the industry and business. This will help you utilize the service to your optimum advantage.


    Here are the five things that you should know about car rental service –

    #1. Always book your monthly car rental service in advance. This offers you a lot in savings.

    This is very similar to how hotel reservations work. The earlier you book your car with the car rental agency, the better. This implies, you end up getting discounted rates. It may happen that you may have to cancel or modify your reservation, which the agency would be happy to do with a commitment of a travel on a future date from you.

    #2. Be very cautious with getting carried away with the car rental rates. They aren’t always what they seem to be.

    The car rental services advertise their offers in order to appeal to customers. These offers and rates that sound too good to be true, almost always have hidden charges. A base rate may require additional charges like parking costs or child seat costs, an extra insurance coverage requirement other such charges. All of this will add to your monthly car rental charge.

    #3. Inspecting your vehicle before taking up the rental is important.

    If you read your rental agreement carefully, you will understand that some vehicles may not always be at their best. Look at the vehicle thoroughly to identify if there are any damages and other such issues with the vehicle that may lead to major expenses on the vehicle during the rental duration.

    #4. Check for flexible rentals.

    With most car rental services operating from various locations, it is now possible to book a flexible monthly car rental service where you may want to pick the car at one location and turn it in at another.

    #5. Rental cars are a lucrative buy too!

    Most reputable car rental agencies usually have a huge turnover rate which implies they tend to have newer cars on their fleet very often. The used cars from these rentals are a great buy as these cars have a spotless maintenance record and are well-kept.

  22. What You Should Consider Before Choosing Your Car Rental

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    What You Should Consider Before Choosing Your Car Rental

    What You Should Consider Before Choosing Your Car Rental. Car rental services are increasingly popular these days. The convenience with which you can book a long term car rental or hire a car for an event or occasion has helped in the growth of this business.

    Car rental services are ideal for people who travel often due to work as well as for those who take frequent vacations. With a car rental service, you can easily move around in a new city without having to depend on the local cab services. That being said, not all car rental services can give you a fulfilling and satisfying experience. To make sure that you hire an appropriate car rental service, here is what you should make yourself aware of.

    What You Should Consider Before Choosing Your Car Rental

    The first thing that you will do when you have to find a long term car rental or a short term car rental service is to identify the car rental agencies in the city and country you are considering. This you could do by approaching a local information desk where you can get details of the car rental services. This is usually available at airports or major travel hubs in popular cities. The other option and a rather convenient one is to use the online services readily available. This latter option will save you time, effort and money. Browse through the car rental list and identify the services agencies that offer you better deals.

    It is always advisable to have an advance arrangement in place with a reputable car rental service agency instead of flying to your location and looking for a quick deal. This is particularly important with long term car rental services.

    Checking the policy of the company regarding the fuel of the rented car or vehicle is another important aspect to consider. If you are opting for a temporary rental service, you can either fuel the vehicle after pickup or pay for the fuel and have the car rental service agency top up full fuel before you take it on rental. For long term car rental service, be sure to check the number of miles the car rental service allows or permits you. There could be times when you go beyond the limit and you may end up paying heavy charges for the same. Be sure that you follow these tips for car rentals and you should have a pleasant journey!

  23. How To Make Your Trip To Durban More Enjoyable With A Cheap Car Rental

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    How To Make Your Trip To Durban More Enjoyable With A Cheap Car Rental

    How To Make Your Trip To Durban More Enjoyable With A Cheap Car Rental. It is rightly said that ‘a stitch in time saves nine’. The same concept can be applied when you are looking for cheap car rental in Durban. Durban is a beautiful city comprised of wonderful sightseeing, attractive places, and historic monuments. Being one of the top travel destinations in the world, it offers brilliant infrastructure to visitors. But, you should make prior arrangements before arriving in this city, especially during peak season.

    How To Make Your Trip To Durban More Enjoyable With A Cheap Car Rental

    Like hotel accommodation and flight tickets, car rental services are also an integral part of your travel plan.

    Having your own vehicle is altogether a different experience for tourist coming to this city. It becomes easier to explore every part of the city and its nearest excursions with this vehicle, especially when travelling with family and kids. It not only benefits in the terms of trip enjoyment but also offers substantial cost savings.

    The best advantages of booking a car online are:


    When you book a car online with reputable car rental services, you can rest assured about the availability of the vehicle. A trustworthy car company never wavers on it’s commitments and provides the car need on your arrival. If the vehicle booked by you is unavailable for any reason, they will arrange for a similar car or an upgraded version to make your journey more comfortable. Booking in advance is also beneficial in terms of expenses. You can grab a cheap car rental in Durban with the help of professional staff and local travel knowledge.

    No Waiting:

    Durban witnesses a huge footfall of tourists throughout the year. Without prior booking, you may have to wait for hours at the airport getting a car. It may ruin your entire plan and may not allow a thorough exploration of the city. But if you book a car online, you get special privilege and priority in allotment of the vehicles. On arrival, you can grab keys immediately and drive away to your destination within a few minutes.

    Wide Range of Selection:

    When booking a car online, the fleet operators offer the entire range of cars available within their fleet. You can select a small size vehicle or an SUV according to your itinerary and budget. You can also select extra optional services like a GPS and child safety seats at discounted prices if required.

    Lastly, a cheap car rental in Durban can enrich your trip to this wonderful city with affordability and efficiency.

  24. 3 Secrets When You Hire a Car in Johannesburg

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    3 Secrets About Hiring a Car in Johannesburg

    When you hire a car in Johannesburg, a destination that can best be explored with an affordable rental car. Our historical land marks, contemporary attractions, and magnificent scenery providing any number of activities to entice the avid traveller. Local companies offering Car Rental in Johannesburg are geared to provide you the customer friendly and professional services. Hire a Car in Johannesburg However, finding the most efficient and cost-effective car rental services can be intimidating for most travellers. Especially those visiting this city for the first time trying to find companies providing genuine services at affordable costs. Choose an experienced Car Rental Company in Johannesburg.

    Here Are The Secrets When You Hire a Car in Johannesburg:

    1. Have Deeper Look at Quotation:

    Many times, you may come across an advertisement claiming low rates on car rental services in Johannesburg. You shouldn’t fall in this trap. Most companies do not reveal the hidden charges of accessories like GPS unit, baby seat, etc. Rather, they add them to the final bill at the time of drop off. However, a genuine company provides the option of selecting additional services upfront and won’t include extra facilities unless you asked.

    2. Evaluate the Risk Factor:

    While hiring a car, you need to read the terms and conditions thoroughly. You must check the risk factors involved if car is in an accident. Comprehensive insurance in not mandatory in South Africa and owners are free to choose risk factors. For example self-injury, vehicle damage, damage of the third party, and other such threats. When You Hire a Car in Johannesburg some companies cover their vehicles with minimal insurance reducing rental charges. Such insurance does not cover collisions under certain conditions. You must inquire about all the factors of insurance even if they provide comprehensive insurance along with the vehicle.

    3. Guidelines on Theft and Loss Waiver, Collision Damage Waiver, Wear and Tear:

    You must check these guidelines mentioned in the quotation. Common damages or wear and tear happening to the vehicle whilst being used for example windscreen, rims, tires, dent, etc. These are parts of vehicle prone to damage. Try to collect complete information regarding Theft and Loss Waiver (TLW) or Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) in such cases. You should use these 3 secrets to avoid any problems arising in the course of your journey.

    Booking Your Car Rental with an experienced Car Rental Service in Johannesburg can offer you the best value.

  25. Essential Tips For Finding Cheap Car Hire in Cape Town

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    Essential Tips For Finding Cheap Car Hire in Cape Town

    Essential Tips For Finding Cheap Car Hire in Cape Town. Cape Town is surrounded by natural splendour and amazing excursions. The city attracts a flurry of tourists due to its incredible beauty and intriguing destinations. It is one of the largest cities of South Africa and most of its natural sightseeing is located within a driving distance of an hour or two.

    Hence, it is important to choose the best and cheapest car hire in Cape Town for enjoying your vacations to the fullest. But, finding such services can be daunting. Under these circumstances, you should follow some of the tips provided here for selecting the best services suited to your itinerary and budget.

    Essential Tips For Finding Cheap Car Hire in Cape Town

    Look for Pick-Up and Drop-off Facility:

    If you are looking for affordable car hire services, then your motto should be saving money on overall expenses.

    Select the service provider offering pick-up and drop-off facilities at any place of your choice. In this competitive market, car hire rates may be the same but our additional service will help you in saving extra bucks.

    Some of the best car hire companies in Cape Town offer a pick up and drop off facility as a complimentary service.

    Choose Low Mileage Car:

    When you are on vacation, you don’t want to break or delay your trip due to incompetent car hire services. Focus on hiring a low maintenance car. Look for companies offering brand new cars or low mileage cars.

    Check Comprehensive Insurance:

    Although it is not compulsory in South Africa to have comprehensive insurance of a hire vehicle, you should find a company in Cape Town which is fully covered by insurance. Offering Cheap Car Hire in Cape Town

    Assess Behaviour of the Staff:

    You may be new to the town but the company and its staff are not. See how well they understand your requirements and provide solutions. Genuine and customer-friendly staff offer helpful solutions for a more stress free experience. Collectively, you can save more money with a suitable plan rather than selecting an unpleasant car hire service in the city.

    Remember all these tips before selecting cheap car hire in Cape Town for a memorable trip.

  26. Rent a Long Term Car Rental the Easy Way

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    Long Term Car Rental the Easy Way Cape Town

    You’ve been given the opportunity to spend a semester of college studying in Cape Town, and you couldn’t be more ecstatic. But now it’s crunch time, as your departure date looms in the near future, and you haven’t really taken care of some of the most basic planning for your trip. For example, how will you get around while in Cape Town? You’ll be staying in a dorm, but you definitely want to experience as much as you possibly can while you’re there. The best way to do just that is too book Long Term Car the Rental the Easy Way Cape Town.

    Find Long Term Car the Rental the Easy Way Cape Town.

    Fortunately, there’s an amazing service available in Cape Town for exactly this type of situation.

    Start by pulling up the website, where you can browse through some of the options available. Since you’ll be by yourself, you might be just fine with a smaller, more economical car, as opposed to a larger sedan or SUV. Be sure to look for amenities that make you feel comfortable, and this website makes that very simple to do.

    Long Term Car the Rental the Easy Way Cape Town

    Once you’ve narrowed your search down to a car you think you’ll be comfortable in for the duration of your stay, you can go ahead and book it for an affordable fee, right over the internet. This is the cheapest, most convenient way to get a long term car rental in Cape Town. You can rent a car for up to 36 months, though for you, your stay is likely only that of several months – the length of a college semester.

    This would still be considered long term, and renting via this method for this duration of a stay is the most cost effective way to do so. Even better than the great prices and convenience of booking online, is the fact that there truly are car rentals available for every price point and budget. No matter how much money you have to work with, no matter what your credit score looks like, and no matter what types of experiences you’ve had with previous car rental businesses, this particular car rental service will rent to you and at a price you can afford. These are dependable cars that will get you around.

    Start the process by checking out the website. Read up on the services offered and check out the types of cars available. Take a look at the car rental specials available. Even go ahead and book your reservation so that you have a car waiting on you when arrive in Cape Town. Contact the company right through the website if you have questions or concerns, and even read up on travel tips. Everything you could possibly need to know about long term car rentals in Cape Town can be found in one convenient online location.

    There’s so much to do and see in Cape Town. You don’t want to spend all of your time there on campus, and relying on public transportation is not only frustrating at times, but it’s also quite expensive. With your own car rental, you can do it all and experience it all on your own terms.

  27. Make Car Hire Reservations Online

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    Make Car Hire Reservations Online

    You only have so many hours in a day and many of these are filled with sleeping and working with very little time for errands or to do things that have to get done. The Internet is one of the greatest technological advances of the modern era because it gives individuals the ability and convenience to do things on their own time table.


    For example, if you are planning a trip to Durban and you need to rent a car then you don’t have to worry about doing it during business hours because you can easily make the reservation online through the website. This is an ideal way to solidify your car rental and get it done early to avoid hassles, fees or not being able to get the vehicle you need.

    All you have to do is go online, enter in pick up and return location, to and from dates and you will be immediately directed to the appropriate centre and the inventory they have available. All the details will be sent to your email so that you know what to bring, how to pay and the necessary details for driving within Durban during your stay.

    Whether you are planning a trip for business or pleasure it is always better to have these details taken care of sooner rather than later and you can avoid fees by doing it on your own instead of through a travel agency. If you need to speak with someone about a unique situation then request a call back from the operator and let them know when the best to reach you is during the day.

    Convenience is a coveted characteristic due to busy schedules and the more that a business can work within your timeframe the better off you are in getting the task completed. Take time to find the best Durban car rental and see how they can take care of all your needs regardless of length of stay, type of vehicle or desired payment method. Get it settled so that you can sit back and relax to enjoy the ride.

  28. Choose Your Payment Preference for Vehicle Hire

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    Choose Your Payment Preference for Vehicle Hire

    Renting a car in South Africa should be a relatively easy process but it often depends on which agency you deal with and what options you have available. The majority of car rental companies require customers to use a credit card which many people have but not everyone wants to use. If you fall into this category then you need to go online and find a service provider that offers multiple payment options for your to choose from.


    You would think that paying cash for anything would be the easiest and most accepted form of payment in the world but when it comes to renting a vehicle this and the debit card are not a popularly accepted method. However, there are agencies that understand that flexibility in payment preference is important and so have opened this up for customers with a few stipulations to ensure that the business is still protected.

    If you want to use your debit card for car rentals then you need to include this information when you complete an online form or at the office ahead of time. This will ensure that the staff members let you know what documentation needs to be brought at the time of checkout. It includes copy of driver’s license, recognized logo on debit card (i.e. Visa, etc), copies of residential documentation and proof of payment, deposit (refundable) and possibly a credit check to confirm fund availability. While this may seem like a lot it is much easier when you are a frequent customer at this establishment and it still allows for flexibility in payment options according to what works best for you. Companies that specialize in vehicle hires do their best to protect the investment while still delivering high quality customer service for their clients.

    Pay with debit card for car rental agency in South Africa for all your vehicle hire needs. This includes shuttling tourists around, driving business professionals to meetings or renting out for personal use on your own time to see the country with the family.

  29. Explore South Africa in a Rental Car

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    Explore South Africa in a Rental Car

    Explore South Africa in a Rental Car. Are you planning the trip of a lifetime to beautiful Cape Town, South Africa? Then there’s a detail you won’t want to forget. Consider renting a cheap car to be made available to you when arrive at Cape Town International Airport. Instead of relying on public transportation, which can often mean extended wait times, and in some places, doesn’t even exist, you can experience Cape Town and the surrounding areas on your own terms. A cheap car rental is the way to go. It’s not only affordable, but it’s a reliable means of transportation so that you’re not wasting even a single moment of your trip waiting for a ride.

    Explore South Africa in a Rental Car

    There’s so much to do and see in South Africa. From diving with great white sharks to helicopter tours, from wildlife safaris to lounging on the beach, you’ll never run out of new and exciting things to experience, no matter the duration of your stay. In order to make the very most of your visit, you should really consider the most accessible, affordable, cost-effective way to get around, and that is with a cheap car rental that you can pick up at Cape Town Airport. It really couldn’t be any more convenient. You quite literally step off the plane and out the doors of the airport, where you’ll get into your car rental and take off. There’s no waiting around.

    It’s a quality car at your disposal for the duration of your trip, and it really doesn’t cost much at all. In fact, when you estimate how much you would spend on public transportation, you’ll likely see quite a savings when you choose to go with a cheap car rental. And then when you’re ready to head back home, you simply drop it back off at the airport before boarding your flight. It really is that simple.

    Best of all, you can take care of booking your rental car way before you even land in Cape Town by using the company’s convenient online reservation system, where you can search for available cars for the duration of your stay and even go ahead and book a car to have waiting for you upon your arrival. What you won’t find are old, beat-up vehicles that are sure to break down, hidden fees for everything under the sun, or poor customer service.

    What you’ll find when you choose this particular cheap car rental company is the lowest price guaranteed, all-inclusive rates, 100 kilometres free, emergency roadside assistance, newer model vehicles, and more, and all for one great low price. This company makes it as easy as possible for you to get around as much of South Africa and the Cape Town area as you possibly can for one low, affordable price. All you have to do is take a few moments to book your Cheap Car Rental For The Cape Town Airport.

  30. Benefits Of Car Rental

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    Benefits Of Car Rental

    Car Rental Making Your Time Is Your Own

    When we go on vacation our main concern becomes transportation. You want to move from one place to another hassle-free and touring agencies just tend to rush things. This way you can’t stop anywhere you want to and look explore whenever you feel like. In such situation renting a car makes life so much easier for you. When you get a car rental whether you are travelling nationally or abroad, it gets better as it provides flexibility. You can do anything whenever and however you want to. This gives you added advantage if you are a photography lover. You don’t have anyone waiting for you. You can stop anywhere you want to.

    Benefits Of Car Rental With Xtreme Car Rental

    Car Rental Gives You The Freedom

    For everyone comfort and convenience is always a priority, especially when going on a holiday. While travelling to another country you can not rely on the public transportation. It puts you in control of your schedule and spares you from all the hassles and trouble of having to keep up with a public transport’s timetable. Renting a vehicle saves your own car from wear and tear. For many individuals, an car hire is no doubt cheaper than airfare. This is especially evident if you are on a trip with your family.

    Peace Of Mind With Car Rental

    Renting a big SUV or MUV will allow you to travel with a large group of friends and family at affordable prices. You get more time to enjoy with your friends and family. We all know that car break downs can occur any time. While renting a car you don’t have to worry about that as the car rental agency will provide for you in such case. It also gives peace of mind knowing that you will not be hit with unexpected bills if there are damages.

    Xtreme Car Rental Making Things Easier

    Hiring car could offer many benefits to the one who hires it. It provides a great flexibility and also now a days you can get any type of vehicle, say it be compact vehicles or large vans or pick-up trucks on rent as per your needs at such affordable prices and Xtreme Car Rental offer such great deals to our customers. To say the least it is quick, easy, and convenient as the entire transaction is handled by us. So for Car Hire in Cape Town use Xtreme Car Rental, your transport option of choice the next time you hit the road as renting a car can become the most efficient way of travelling.

  31. Travel with the car of your choice

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    Travel with the car of your choice

    Travel with the car of your choice. Even if you are a travel freak or have to rush for meetings, what is important that you don’t spend much on buying a new car or wait for repairs, making you late for an important meeting. An affordable option is you hire a car and spend accordingly. You can find car rental at King Shaka Airport at affordable prices.

    Travel with the car of your choice

    When you are travelling to a new city or stuck at the airport, looking for taxis costs a lot, getting your own car which you can take anywhere, is more convenient and cost-effective than spending money on hiring taxis to different locations. Try Xtreme Car Rental Cape Town. Whether you want to go to a different place or just one destination, car hire is the best option. This way you don’t have search for a vehicle at the airport as your car will be ready and waiting for you to use. You can book the car through a phone call, make sure that when you are booking they provide you with a confirmation.

    Different type of vehicles are needed while travelling with different people you can hire a big car if you are with family and kids and a small car if alone or with friends. There are a lot of options you can explore with the different cars available, for example, their mileage and economy rating. Also do research on the services provided, as travelling is enjoyable when services are both smooth and efficient. Beware of car rental services that tell you one price at the beginning, and throw in a bunch of hidden fees at the end, which is often ignored by the customers. With that knowledge at hand, choose accordingly.

    The car hire experience can make your trip into a memorable one, look out for services like pick and drop services. When applying for a long term car rental look through all the services offered, ie: if you are in an emergency situation, you will be needing emergency roadside assistance to help you out. These little services can help you throughout your journey. Check what extras are available, for example, if you don’t know the way, you can add a GPS for safety and convenience, so you don’t get lost on the way to your destination. A baby seat is needed if you are traveling with your little one. Ask for transparency during the booking process, and hire your choice of car at O. R. Tambo

    Car Rental Johannesburg, contact Xtreme Car Rental

  32. How Can You Save Money On Car Rental

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    How Can You Save Money On Car Rental

    How Can You Save Money On Car Rental? Do you face problems while hiring a car to go on a holiday as the bill exceeds way over what you expected? Most people generally face this problem as they do not completely understand the rentals before starting their journey. There are plenty of other additional charges that can take a nice rate to an ordinary deal very quickly. There are certain points you should look out for before renting a car and you can definitely save a lot of your hard-earned money.

    How Can You Save Money On Car Rental

    Firstly, before renting a car you should do a lot of research online. Keep on looking for the best prices. People often think that every car rental service offers more or less the same rates. This is not true. Allow you to search for the best rental car deals available by city or airport location. Visit their sites and seek for special discounts offered by them. Read carefully about their rates offered and completely understand the terms and conditions. Just a few minutes of online research could save you some serious cash on your next car rental.

    Discount on a weekly rental will help to cut rental car costs saving money and budget for your holiday. Try to avoid renting car from the airport as the charges you have to pay will be much higher. With car rental rates at airports so high, it’s a good idea to check out car rental deals in the city or near the destination you’ll be visiting. Just make sure it’s not too much of a hassle to get your rental car agency as you are on vacation after all.

    Always book early. Booking a car in time will allow you to choose from your vehicle of your choice. Wait until the last minute and you could get stuck paying much higher rates, and you may have a tougher time finding the vehicle that you want. So if you Don’t hesitate to negotiate your rates. Chances are there that you might seal the deal at your price. Following some of the tips, you can actually save a lot of money on your next car hire Johannesburg airport. So be smart and consider the best deal while renting a car.

    Save on your next car rental reservation, with Xtreme Car Rental Durban

  33. Getting The Best Car

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    Getting The Best Car

    When you need a car hire in Pretoria take a few things into consideration before booking the first one you see. You’ll need to be sure that you can get the size of vehicle that you need. Think about your budget and how much money you have allotted for the car hire. Will you need to be picked up from the airport or your hotel room? How many days will you want the car? You’ll need to consider your purpose so that you get the right car or truck for the job. If you plan ahead and know what you want, then you are sure to have a more pleasant trip to Pretoria.

    Hire A Car in Pretoria

    Whether you are planning a business trip to Pretoria or are going on family vacation you might need a car hire. Your budget is always a concern because you don’t want to pay too much for a car that you don’t need. Typically, the smaller the car the cheaper the price.

    To save money, know your purpose. If you are travelling with your family you might want an SUV, while this will cost more than a small car it is likely worth it for the added space and comfort. The opposite is true if you are travelling alone. A small car may be all you need to get around town. If you are on business and will have passengers, perhaps a four door sedan is going to meet your needs. Knowing your purpose and how big of a vehicle you need will help you to stay on budget and make your stay more enjoyable.

    If you need a ride to and from the airport or your hotel room, be sure to hire a car in Pretoria from the company that offers this service. Not all car hires are as convenient as this. Also, be sure that the company you rent from has the vehicle of your choosing and that it is available for the duration of your stay in Pretoria. If you plan ahead, answer a few simple questions, and stay on budget you are sure to get the car hire that you need and for the price that you are willing to pay.

  34. Alternate Solution for Buying a Vehicle

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    Alternate Solution for Buying a Vehicle

    Alternate Solution for Buying a Vehicle. If you have bad credit or don’t want to take a huge loan to purchase a vehicle then you need to check out the alternate option of renting to own. This method has been used with furniture and even homes but in the auto industry it is still relatively unknown but it has been found to be one of the most convenient and ideal options for individuals in certain situations.

    Alternate Solution for Buying a Vehicle

    There is no sales pitch, relatively little amount of documentation and the monthly payments are fixed for a specific period of time after which the care is yours permanently. The ability to rent to own a car can be found through select locations in Cape Town and the surrounding areas but before going down to the lot, take advantage of checking out the details on the company’s website.

    Customers can choose from a wide range of inventoried vehicles on the lot to ensure that they can find something that will meet their needs. The goal is to give access to individuals and businesses that may not have the credit to receive a large enough loan to buy a car in the traditional way however they still need transportation for work and home reasons.

    This option allows them to find a vehicle within their price range, make monthly payments for a set timeframe and then the vehicle belongs to them with no financial strings at all. When discussing the rent to own feature be sure to ask the representative about the process and how much of a deposit is required on the vehicle selected. Before you know it you will be signing the paperwork and on the road in your new car where you can meet your obligations and enjoy getting around town in a stylish way.

    Don’t assume that just because you have been turned down by traditional dealerships that you have no options left. Get online and review what the car rental places in Cape Town can do for you with their user-friendly packages and affordable options for renting on a monthly basis or making it your own period. So, now Rent to Own a Car in Cape Town in an appropriate and organized manner.

  35. Affordable Rent a Car in Cape Town

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    Affordable Rent a Car in Cape Town

    Affordable Rent a Car in Cape Town. There are many reasons you might need to rent a car. Perhaps you’re on vacation and would rather not rely on public transportation. Maybe your car is in the garage. Or maybe you’re in town on business and need to get back and forth from multiple meetings and your hotel room. Regardless of the reason, if you’re in need of a car for hire in Cape Town, you’re in luck because there’s a great service here that provides excellent options for car rentals at astonishing prices.

    Rent a Car in Cape Town

    Cape Town is a beautiful city full of fun things to do and see. Whether you’re in Cape Town on business or pleasure, you want to be able to get around as easily and conveniently as possible to experience as much of this amazing place as possible. Renting a car in Cape Town is definitely the answer to your transportation needs. Choosing the right car rental service in Cape Town isn’t difficult when you have such amazing options right at your fingertips, just waiting to put you in a great car at a great price.

    When travelling, expenses can add up quickly. If you had to fly in, then you’ve got airfare. You’ve most certainly got hotel expenses and food to think about it, and then, of course, any added expenses of adventures along the way. So while renting a car can seem like a good idea, you’ll want to choose a company that offers good quality vehicles at one all-inclusive rate at the lowest prices around.

    Too often, car rental companies will draw you in with what looks like a good price, but then when you go to turn the car back in, you’ll get hit by hidden fees that add up quickly. Before you know it, you will have given out way more money than you budgeted for your travel expenses, and then you’re really in a pickle.

    Skip that stress by choosing an all-inclusive priced company that offers the lowest price guarantee. That means that if you can show proof of another rental company in the area offering a lower price, this service will match that. Along with low prices, when you’re travelling the roads of a new area, you don’t necessarily want to be doing so in some old clunker that you can’t even be sure will make it from one destination to the next. With the right service, you’ll be travelling in a newer model well-kept vehicle with the promise of emergency roadside assistance in the event that you’d break down.

    But really, you don’t have to be travelling from afar in order to need a car for hire. Maybe your car is currently not running or you’ve been in an accident and need a vehicle to tie you over until you’re able to get the insurance money to purchase a new one. No matter the reason, renting a car has never been easier or more convenient in Cape Town. The office staff is efficient, the hours of operation are convenient, and the service is truly top-notch. Hence, Rent A Car in Cape Town without any hassle and in a user-friendly manner.

  36. Hire A Car In Cape Town

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    Why Hire A Car In Cape Town

    Car Hire in Cape Town

    If you are travelling out of town you might need Hire A Car In Cape Town. Business travellers often need to rent cars because taking their own private vehicle just isn’t feasible. Likewise, people that are on vacation don’t typically take their own vehicles, especially if they are flying to their destination. In either case, it could be very convenient to rent a nice vehicle to have at your disposal while in Cape Town. The ability to get where you need to go without waiting for public transportation could be invaluable especially if you have various meetings to attend all over the city.

    Hire A Car In Cape Town With Xtreme Car Rental

    Families Vacationing Will Need To Hire A Car In Cape Town

    If the family is only four people, then perhaps saving a little money and reserving a sedan would be just right. However, larger families with lots of luggage may want a van or an SUV. The best car hire in Cape Town will offer a variety of vehicles that will meet everyone’s needs. From a small compact car to a large van or pick-up truck, the fleet of vehicles available to customers should be varied and available when needed.

    Consider Xtreme Car Hire In Cape Town Before Travelling

    If you know that you will need a car when you get there, reserve one as soon as possible. The more advanced notice you give the car hire company, the less money you will pay. In addition, if you make reservations early, you will likely get the vehicle of your choosing. Waiting until you arrive could mean that you get the car that is left or you pay more for the one you really want or need. In either case, be sure to leave time for picking up your rental or calling for a ride from the airport or your hotel room.

    There are many reasons to need a Xtreme Car Hire In Cape Town. If you live in the city and your car is in the mechanic shop or if you travelling from out of town, you’ll need to find the best car rental service to meet your needs. Expect that whichever vehicle you rent, it will be clean, in excellent working condition, and be ready and waiting for your arrival.

  37. Know More About Monthly Car Rental

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    Know More About Monthly Car Rental

    There are times when people need a monthly car rental service. This could be because they are travelling to the area for business or pleasure. It would be extremely inconvenient to drive or impossible to have a car shipped overseas. Getting in touch with a company that provides a rental car for an entire month is a convenience that could be just what your vacation needs. Imagine being able to drive around at your leisure without seeking out public transportation. The monthly rental fees are affordable for the traveller and the cars are clean and comfortable.

    Monthly Car Rental

    A monthly car rental does not have to be expensive. There are several ways to save money and still have a comfortable ride to wherever you need to go. If you just can’t take your own vehicle you can rent one and if your car carries the insurance, that will save you money on the rental fees as you will not have to purchase any additional. Consider a regular sedan versus a large SUV as these cost less to rent. To save money, decline any extra little add-ons, fill up on your fuel tank, and take good care of the car while driving. Obey the road laws and the speed limits to avoid paying those fines. These small things can really add up if you have to pay them out of your pocket.

    If you need to rent a car for a month, plan ahead. Knowing what your needs are in advance can really save a lot of time and money. Consider factors such as, how many people will be travelling with you, is this a vacation or for work, what cities you will be going to and how many kilometers will you be driving. When you plan in advance you can call and make a reservation so that the vehicle you want is waiting for you. Knowing what you need in terms of space will also help. If you are travelling alone, do you really need the upgrades? Knowing how much money you will spend on your rental fees will help you to plan your budget accordingly and therefore have a more pleasant experience. Planning ahead with monthly car rental options is a great idea whether you are travelling for business or pleasure.

  38. See South Africa On Your Own Terms

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    See South Africa On Your Own Terms

    South Africa, A Trip Of A Lifetime

    It’s the trip of a lifetime. You’re going to spend an amazing month in South Africa with your college room mate and some other friends. While planning your trip you should be sure to choose a company that offers long term car rental. This allows you to see as much of South Africa on Your Own Terms during your stay.

    Car Rental In South Africa, See South Africa On Your Own Terms

    Long Term Car Rental, The Affordable Option

    When choosing a Long Term Car Rental , there are a few things to keep in mind. Affordability is pretty important, as you’re a college student, so your disposable income is probably limited. Plus, you’d probably rather spend that money on adventures and souvenirs of your trip than on expensive car rentals. Beware services offering you one price at the beginning and with hidden fees being added in at the end. The best services are a one stop shop that gives it to you straight and covers the costs up front.

    Long Term Car Rental Benefits

    Beware of services that charge you per mile, as those miles and dollars are going to add up quickly. A great car rental service charges you a long term rental fee, covering the costs of those miles so you can enjoy them without staring at the odometer and hearing a “cha ching” with each passing mile. Another thing to keep in mind is convenience. Perhaps you’re going to start your trip in one part of South Africa and end it in another. The best long term car rental services have facilities all over the place, which means you can pick it up at one lot and drop it off at another.

    Even better, you can get online and reserve your long term car rental through a convenient, easy to use website, saving you time when you get to South Africa. Because, again, the best service knows you’re not there to sit around a rental office all day long. They want to get you out seeing those sights as quickly as they can.

    Convenience And Affordability With Long Term Car Rental

    The best long term car rental in South Africa gives you what you want at a price you can afford. Are you looking to see the sights from a luxury car, you’ve got it. If you’d rather save money on fuel than roll around in style, they’ve got you covered. Travelling with a large group and will need significant room for seating and storage, you’ll find it at the right rental service.

    Convenience, affordability, and, of course, emergency roadside assistance for those unfortunate experiences you aren’t planning for, should be what you’re seeking when choosing the right long term car rental for your South African adventures. The right service knows your trip to South Africa is going to be a memorable one, so they want to make your long term car rental experience as simple and as user friendly for you as possible.

    See the sights of South Africa on your own terms by renting a car through An Affordable Car Rental Company In South Africa you can count on. Make some memories you’ll never forget without worrying about how you’re going to get around.

  39. Renting a Car with Cash Car Hire

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    Can you pay for Car Hire with Cash or Debit Card?

    Cash Car Hire Xtreme Car Rental

    There was a time Cash Car Hire, Debit Card Car Hire and not having a credit card were a problem. Or wanting to pay for your car rental with cash or even a debit card meant you were not able to hire a car Period!

    Cash Car Hire Xtreme Car Rental

    It is surprising how many people today still think that cash car hire in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town or anywhere in South Africa for that matter is impossible.

    At Xtreme Car Rental, we do just that we specialize in low-cost and affordable cash car hire across South Africa. In-fact we were the FIRST RENTAL COMPANY in South Africa to allow our customers to pay with cash, debit card, credit card or EFT when renting a car.

    Whether you want to hire a Car, Van or Bakkie. For a short period of time or on long-term basis and want to pay with cash or debit card! No Credit Card needed.

    So what is all this fuss about cash car hire or debit card car rental?

    Consider the problem: Renting a car to someone with no credit card is risky business for any rental car company. Most companies will see you not having a credit card as a red flag. You may be a credit risk . Even though your credit may be excellent and you many just prefer not to use a credit card.

    Consider our point of view: Giving you the keys to drive off in a pricey vehicle is not something anyone will be comfortable with, unless there are assurances and deposits in place. Especially since, they may be the ones who lose out.

    Here are some important things to keep in mind if you do plan on renting a vehicle this way from Xtreme Car Rental:

    • What Debit Cards do we accept? While we accept most debit cards, we require that it have either a Visa, MasterCard. Amex, Diners Club or RCS logo on it.
    • We need to perform a credit check. If you plan to pay with cash or via EFT, we may perform a credit inquiry to ensure that you have the proper funds.
    • Required documentation. We require a copies of your R.S.A I.D Document / Passport, Driver’s license ( FRONT AND BACK ), proof of residence / Utility Bill and proof of payment (EFT).
    • Prepare to pay a deposit. When renting without a Credit Card we require a refundable cash deposit from you either on the day or paid as part of your EFT. Don’t worry it will be returned to you.
    • Booking Confirmation. When making an enquiry or reservation via our website, please clearly indicate you preferred method of payment to avoid disappointment.

    When you return your rental vehicle, we will refund your deposit within 7 working days, if there is no damage to the vehicle. Refunds can be processed sooner by simply giving us a call on 0861 001 337, however due to e-toll billing we do request 7 working days.

    Car hire without a credit card “Cash Car Hire” is a core element of our mission to guarantee customer satisfaction; this is the foundation on which Xtreme Car Rental is built. At Xtreme Car Rentals, we truly are the home of affordable Cash and Debit Card Car Rentals in South Africa.

  40. Eleventh Hour Car Hire

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    Looking for cheap car hire at the eleventh hour?

    Last minute car hireIt’s the night before your trip and you have forgotten to book a car or left your car hire until the last minute. Everything from your plane tickets to your insurance and accommodation is set, except for the car rental.

    Hunting down a cheap car rental deal and trawling through hundreds of car hire websites need not be a nightmare scenario. The trick is knowing where to look.

    Xtreme Car Rental has the cheapest last minute car hire rates in South Africa, and that is a fact.

    Whether you are looking for a Car to Hire in Durban, Vehicle to Hire in Cape Town or a Car Rental in Johannesburg, we can help. You can book with confidence knowing that you have access to the very latest last minute quality car hire deals.

    What’s more you can even pay in cash if you need to!

    We all know car rental prices are based on supply and demand. Unfortunately it is ALWAYS more expensive if you leave your car hire till the last minute and you simply turn up at the airport and ask for a car, but it does not have to be when you book your car with Xtreme Car Rental.

    At Xtreme Car Rental we love to help people just like you by providing Car Hire Services in South Africa at cheap and affordable prices, even if it is at the last minute.

    We are dedicated to providing you with the best and lowest all-inclusive Car Rental Deals in Johannesburg, Durban or Cape Town, we offers a straight-forward last-minute booking service that is fast and efficient, so you can forget the hassle of booking until the very last moment.

    So why not check out our car rental deals!