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  1. Alternate Solution for Buying a Vehicle

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    Alternate Solution for Buying a Vehicle

    Alternate Solution for Buying a Vehicle. If you have bad credit or don’t want to take a huge loan to purchase a vehicle then you need to check out the alternate option of renting to own. This method has been used with furniture and even homes but in the auto industry it is still relatively unknown but it has been found to be one of the most convenient and ideal options for individuals in certain situations.

    Alternate Solution for Buying a Vehicle

    There is no sales pitch, relatively little amount of documentation and the monthly payments are fixed for a specific period of time after which the care is yours permanently. The ability to rent to own a car can be found through select locations in Cape Town and the surrounding areas but before going down to the lot, take advantage of checking out the details on the company’s website.

    Customers can choose from a wide range of inventoried vehicles on the lot to ensure that they can find something that will meet their needs. The goal is to give access to individuals and businesses that may not have the credit to receive a large enough loan to buy a car in the traditional way however they still need transportation for work and home reasons.

    This option allows them to find a vehicle within their price range, make monthly payments for a set timeframe and then the vehicle belongs to them with no financial strings at all. When discussing the rent to own feature be sure to ask the representative about the process and how much of a deposit is required on the vehicle selected. Before you know it you will be signing the paperwork and on the road in your new car where you can meet your obligations and enjoy getting around town in a stylish way.

    Don’t assume that just because you have been turned down by traditional dealerships that you have no options left. Get online and review what the car rental places in Cape Town can do for you with their user-friendly packages and affordable options for renting on a monthly basis or making it your own period. So, now Rent to Own a Car in Cape Town in an appropriate and organized manner.

  2. See South Africa On Your Own Terms

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    See South Africa On Your Own Terms

    South Africa, A Trip Of A Lifetime

    It’s the trip of a lifetime. You’re going to spend an amazing month in South Africa with your college room mate and some other friends. While planning your trip you should be sure to choose a company that offers long term car rental. This allows you to see as much of South Africa on Your Own Terms during your stay.

    Car Rental In South Africa, See South Africa On Your Own Terms

    Long Term Car Rental, The Affordable Option

    When choosing a Long Term Car Rental , there are a few things to keep in mind. Affordability is pretty important, as you’re a college student, so your disposable income is probably limited. Plus, you’d probably rather spend that money on adventures and souvenirs of your trip than on expensive car rentals. Beware services offering you one price at the beginning and with hidden fees being added in at the end. The best services are a one stop shop that gives it to you straight and covers the costs up front.

    Long Term Car Rental Benefits

    Beware of services that charge you per mile, as those miles and dollars are going to add up quickly. A great car rental service charges you a long term rental fee, covering the costs of those miles so you can enjoy them without staring at the odometer and hearing a “cha ching” with each passing mile. Another thing to keep in mind is convenience. Perhaps you’re going to start your trip in one part of South Africa and end it in another. The best long term car rental services have facilities all over the place, which means you can pick it up at one lot and drop it off at another.

    Even better, you can get online and reserve your long term car rental through a convenient, easy to use website, saving you time when you get to South Africa. Because, again, the best service knows you’re not there to sit around a rental office all day long. They want to get you out seeing those sights as quickly as they can.

    Convenience And Affordability With Long Term Car Rental

    The best long term car rental in South Africa gives you what you want at a price you can afford. Are you looking to see the sights from a luxury car, you’ve got it. If you’d rather save money on fuel than roll around in style, they’ve got you covered. Travelling with a large group and will need significant room for seating and storage, you’ll find it at the right rental service.

    Convenience, affordability, and, of course, emergency roadside assistance for those unfortunate experiences you aren’t planning for, should be what you’re seeking when choosing the right long term car rental for your South African adventures. The right service knows your trip to South Africa is going to be a memorable one, so they want to make your long term car rental experience as simple and as user friendly for you as possible.

    See the sights of South Africa on your own terms by renting a car through An Affordable Car Rental Company In South Africa you can count on. Make some memories you’ll never forget without worrying about how you’re going to get around.

  3. Renting a car on holiday

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    Renting a car on holiday

    Renting a car on holidayRenting a car on holiday? Are you planning a great South African road-trip for your next holiday? If so, it’s well worth considering hiring a rental car for your trip. Whether you’re planning a beach holiday, countryside getaway or a bushwhacking adventure, a rental car is the ultimate treat during your self-drive holiday.

    Read on to discover 5 great reasons to Hire a Rental Car in Cape Town, Jo’burg or other parts of South Africa, and then book online to get low rates on car hire in South Africa.

    5 Top reasons to rent a car on holiday in SA

    1) Your car, your rules

    Once you get behind the wheel of a hire car, you’re the master of your holiday destiny! Want to sleep late and take a slow drive into the afternoon? Or do you prefer to get going at the crack of dawn, seizing the day from the very first ray of sunlight? Either way, when you’ve got a rental car at your disposal, you have the freedom to make your own holiday rules – and of course, to break then whenever you like!

    2) You’ll save money

    These days, the cost of air travel, even locally, is often exorbitantly high, especially if you’re flying during peak holiday times. It makes good sense to hire a car instead, especially if you’re travelling in a group. Compare the cost of hiring a car in South Africa to the cost of air tickets for your whole family. If you’re travelling with a group of friends, you can simply share the cost of a hire car – and take turns driving! And the bonus? It’s a great time to bond with your friends, catch up on much-needed family time, or enjoy some special time alone with your partner.

    3) You can pick the ideal car for your journey

    Want to go overland but don’t have a 4×4? No problem – just hire one! When you choose to rent a car on holiday, you’ll be able to select the perfect vehicle for your transport needs, be it a rugged cross-country vehicle or a zippy hatch-back. South Africa features a diversity of landscapes, with different terrains in almost every city. Car hire in Johannesburg, Cape Town and other parts of South Africa makes it possible to choose the ideal car for your destination – and it also means you won’t have to take your family sedan into the bundu!

    4) You’ll spare your own vehicle

    By hiring a vehicle instead of driving your own when you go on holiday, you’ll spare your car the wear-and-tear of a long-haul journey. You also won’t have to make costly replacements before or after your trip, such as purchasing new tyres, having your car serviced or fixing that cracked windscreen. Whilst these are all necessary expenses that you’ll have to incur sooner or later, you won’t have to do them all at once, at significant expense, before or after your trip.

    5) You’ll discover new places

    When you have the freedom to explore at your leisure, it’s amazing the things you could find. From secluded beaches and nature walks to quaint coffee shops and one-horse towns, South Africa is brimming with hidden gems to discover. So be adventurous – hire a rental car in South Africa’s major cities, and start exploring the countryside!

    Get a Rental Car in South Africa now

    Hire a rental car for your South African self-drive holiday today. By booking online, you’ll be able to secure low car hire rates in Cape Town, cheap car rental in Jo’burg, and affordable car hire rates in all other parts of South Africa. Don’t wait – book a hire car now, and start discovering the magnificent country of South Africa.

    About Us: Xtreme Car Rental is a South African Car Hire company offering Cheap Car Hire in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg, as well as other popular destinations in South Africa. Get an Online Car Hire Quote now.