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Choose Your Payment Preference for Vehicle Hire

Choose Your Payment Preference for Vehicle Hire

Renting a car in South Africa should be a relatively easy process but it often depends on which agency you deal with and what options you have available. The majority of car rental companies require customers to use a credit card which many people have but not everyone wants to use. If you fall into this category then you need to go online and find a service provider that offers multiple payment options for your to choose from.


You would think that paying cash for anything would be the easiest and most accepted form of payment in the world but when it comes to renting a vehicle this and the debit card are not a popularly accepted method. However, there are agencies that understand that flexibility in payment preference is important and so have opened this up for customers with a few stipulations to ensure that the business is still protected.

If you want to use your debit card for car rentals then you need to include this information when you complete an online form or at the office ahead of time. This will ensure that the staff members let you know what documentation needs to be brought at the time of checkout. It includes copy of driver’s license, recognized logo on debit card (i.e. Visa, etc), copies of residential documentation and proof of payment, deposit (refundable) and possibly a credit check to confirm fund availability. While this may seem like a lot it is much easier when you are a frequent customer at this establishment and it still allows for flexibility in payment options according to what works best for you. Companies that specialize in vehicle hires do their best to protect the investment while still delivering high quality customer service for their clients.

Pay with debit card for car rental agency in South Africa for all your vehicle hire needs. This includes shuttling tourists around, driving business professionals to meetings or renting out for personal use on your own time to see the country with the family.