Extras to Consider When Your Hire from Xtreme Car Rental

Extras to Consider When Your Hire from Xtreme Car Rental

Extras to Consider When Your Hire from Xtreme Car Rental

It doesn’t have to be a daunting task to prepare for a holiday when renting a car in in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg or any other South African destination. In fact, you can easily add additional extras for a more convenient and safer journey.

Below is a list of our favourite car rental extras to add to your online booking to ensure everything is taken care of when you pick up your rental vehicle.

  1. GPS Navigation

Sure your smartphone has navigation but what if your battery dies? Also, GPS navigation on a smart device uses data and data costs money. Instead, add a GPS to your rental at a nominal price and keep your data to upload your holiday photos on Facebook or Instagram.


  1. Child Car Seat

Just because you’re going on holiday doesn’t mean you have to jeopardise your child’s safety. Adding a car seat to your rental car won’t cost you an arm and a leg and you’ll have more peace of mind during your holiday.


  1. Additional Driver

Who doesn’t love a cocktail or two on a summer holiday? Did you know that switching drivers on a rental car without letting the rental company know is considered an offence? If you plan on taking turns at driving, make sure you add an additional driver as an extra. Better safe than sorry!


  1. Bike Rack

Cape Town is famous for being nature lover’s paradise. With plenty of hiking trails and just as many biking trails, it’s not at all surprising that you’ll want to come and explore what the Mother City has to offer. Add a sturdy bike rack to your rental car and easily get your bike from one fantastic trail to the other.


It’s no secret that Xtreme Car Rental offers quality rentals in Cape Town at extremely affordable prices. Don’t miss out on a good deal, book your rental car today!