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Monthly Car Rental Johannesburg

Monthly Car Rental Johannesburg

You can rent a vehicle for as long as needed for long term car hire in Johannesburg.

Xtreme Car Rental Offers Monthly Car Rental Johannesburg your First-Choice in Car Hire.

Monthly Car Rental Johannesburg saves you money especially when you are driving to another city for an extended period. Your costs of renting a car can quickly add up. Book Now or call our central reservations on 0861 001 337 for assistance in finding the most affordable option for Long-Term Car Hire in Johannesburg. Save with long-term car rental in Johannesburg and make the most of your stay without denting your budget. Xtreme Car Rental specialises in long-term car rental Johannesburg, better known as Monthly Car Rental. This is car hire for 30 day plus or car rentals over an extended period of time.

Check for monthly car rental Johannesburg offers :

Hire a car on a monthly basis, this is cheaper for you than paying a day-to-day rate and receive a certain number of kilometres free included in the price. At Xtreme Car Rental Johannesburg you get 3500 kilometres per month. You may be charged pro rata rate or a higher daily rate when you are needing the car for longer.

Understand the insurance costs:

Does your vehicle insurance extend to car rental? If you are comprehensively covered. There’s no need to take up additional insurance through the rental agency, saving you unnecessary expense. If you are not consider the difference between standard and super waivers.

Consider the hidden costs:

Car rental companies may add on a percentage if you pick up your car at the airport. While it’s the easiest option if you’re flying into Joburg. One way of cutting back is to collect your car from another branch nearby if it’s a viable option. Rental agencies charge extra for filling up with petrol, so top up the tank yourself before dropping it off. While a GPS is always necessary, consider which optional extras you really need in order to cut back on costs.

Drive carefully:

Speeding fines will be added to your account with interest.

Be honest with yourself:

With so many rentals car options available, don’t get carried away. Do you really need that SUV, or can you get away with hiring a basic sedan? Are you simply zipping from one business meeting to the next or are you on a family holiday (think baby seats and loads of luggage)? How many kilometres will you be driving? Knowing your needs means there’s less chance you’ll be tempted by a more expensive deal. Do your homework on monthly car rental and start looking for the best rates well in advance. Compare different pricing structures and packages, so you know what exactly is included in each. If you book ahead of time, there’s the chance of you landing an early-bird special with monthly car rental specials. Also be sure to find out if you will save anything if you pay upfront for your monthly car rental

One guaranteed way to save on car rental in Johannesburg

Looking for long-term car rental and monthly car hire in Gauteng, there’s no better option than Xtreme Car Rental. Not only are you guaranteed the lowest possible rates, but you’ll also be able to take advantage of our latest car hire specials and a range of affordable extras. We are experts in the industry and are able to assist to rent a car without a credit card.

Long Term Monthly Car Rental Johannesburg South Africa