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Pay less for Car Rental in Cape Town

Pay less for Car Rental in Cape Town

Pay less for Car Rental in Cape Town. It’s that time of year where Cape Town receives many visitors from all over South Africa. In fact, we attract many overseas visitors too! But since our public transport isn’t extremely reliable, the only option left is renting a vehicle.

Pay less for Car Rental in Cape Town

Car rentals in Cape Town can be pretty expensive this time of the year because of the high demand, and especially if you rent from the bigger rental agencies. One way to avoid paying too much for your rental car is to avoid hiring it from the airport. Use an Uber or independent transfer service to get you to the rental agency at another location in Cape Town. This will save you some serious bucks on rental fees.

Pay less and save for Car Rental in Cape Town

Another awesome way of renting a car on a budget in Cape Town is to skip the “big guys” and rent straight from a more focused establishment like Xtreme Car Rental. Now don’t think for one second that because we are smaller than other well known rental agencies, we offer subpar service. On the contrary, because we are smaller, we have a more personal approach and fewer overheads which means you can hire a rental car for less.

With us, you’re not just a number and we aim to give you the most reliable rental car for the best price. Our fleet is in excellent condition because we are on top of repairs, annual services and maintenance. Whatever the size of your family or travel group, we have the perfect solution that will make travelling in the Mother City a breeze.

Xtreme Car Rental has been around since 2002 and we take great pride in being a preferred supplier when it comes to Car Rental Cape Town. Get an outstanding deal on your next rental by making a booking with us today!