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See South Africa on Your Own Terms

It’s the trip of a lifetime. You’re going to spend an amazing month in South Africa with your college roommate and some other friends. While planning your trip you should be sure to choose a great long term car rental so that you can see as much of South Africa as possible during your stay.


When choosing a long term car rental, there are a few things to keep in mind. Affordability is pretty important, as you’re a college student, so your disposable income is probably limited. Plus, you’d probably rather spend that money on adventures and tokens of your trip than on expensive car rentals. Beware of car rental services that tell you one price at the beginning and throw in a bunch of hidden fees at the end. The best services are a one stop shop that gives it to you straight and covers the cost in the opening statement.

Beware of services that charge you per mile, as those miles and dollars are going to add up quickly. A great long term rental service charges you a long term rental fee, covering the costs of those miles so you can enjoy them without staring at the odometer and hearing a “cha ching” with each passing mile. Another thing to keep in mind is convenience. Perhaps you’re going to start your trip in one part of South Africa and end it in another. The best long term car rental services have facilities all over the place, which means you can pick it up at one lot and drop it off at another.

Even better, you can get online and reserve your long term car rental through a convenient, easy to use website, saving you time when you get to South Africa. Because, again, the best service knows you’re not there to sit around a rental office all day long. They want to get you out seeing those sights as quickly as they can.

The best long term car rental in South Africa gives you what you want at a price you can afford. If you’re looking to see the sights from a luxury car, you’ve got it. If you’d rather save money on fuel than roll around in style, they’ve got you covered. If you’re traveling with a large group and will need significant room for seating and storage, you’ll find it at the right rental service.

Convenience, affordability, and, of course, emergency roadside assistance for those unfortunate experiences you aren’t planning for, should be what you’re seeking when choosing the right long term car rental for your South African adventures. The right service knows your trip to South Africa is going to be a memorable one, so they want to make your long term car rental experience as simple and as user friendly for you as possible.

See the sights of South Africa on your own terms by renting a car through an affordable long term rental in South Africa you can count on. Make some memories you’ll never forget without worrying about how you’re going to get around.