The Most Interesting Things to Do On a Holiday Trip to Durban

The Most Interesting Things to Do On a Holiday Trip to Durban

The Most Interesting Things to Do On a Holiday Trip to Durban

If you have chosen Durban as your next holiday destination, you are making an excellent decision to explore such a wonderful place. As one of the leading tourism destinations in South Africa, it is well visited throughout the year. Tourists arriving for vacation to this stunning city prefer booking an affordable Durban car rental service to explore it extensively. With this comprehensive service, you can easily find every place within your reach and explore every attraction more enthusiastically.


uShaka Marine World:

uShaka Marine World is one of the largest underwater aquariums packed with splendid species of marine life. It is an amazing place for the people of every age, especially kids and nature enthusiasts. There is a lot to do at this venue. Its friendly atmosphere and serene environment will surely leave behind an everlasting memory in your mind.

Umgeni River Bird Park:

If you are a nature aficionado, don’t miss visiting the popular Umgeni River Bird Park in Durban. It is a beautiful location encompassed with rare and amazing species of birds. It also dedicated to restoring the population of some endangered avifauna.

Phezulu Safari Park:

Located on the outskirts of Durban, Phezulu Safari Park is one of the most prominent places to visit in this city. Take 4×4 vehicles from a reputable Durban car rental service to explore this attraction comfortably. It is easy to navigate the twisting roads and off roads of this region. It is an excellent family attraction where you can watch live crocodile shows and snakes.

Golden Mile Beachfront:

Beach lovers may visit Golden Mile Beachfront located in the northern part of Durban. This region can be hard to reach for the first-time travellers. Hence, it is advisable to hire a car to access it comfortably. Spread in the range of a mile, this beautiful beach offers several adrenaline-pumping sports for the adventure seeker. Here, you can enjoy surfing as well.

Durban Botanic Garden:

Undoubtedly, Durban has exquisite flora to captivate the attention of nature lovers. It boasts Durban Botanical Garden which is one of the best and oldest botanical gardens filled with rare plants and trees. There are many events organized around the year to mesmerise the visitors coming to this beautiful attraction.

Apart from these, there are many remarkable places to visit in Durban which you can choose according to your taste and interest. An efficient Durban car rental service can help you in planning an enjoyable holiday trip to this city.