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Top 5 Rental Cars

What are the most Popular Rental Vehicles?

One of the most important things to ensure when hiring a rental car for your is that it’s the right one for your journey. After all, nothing can ruin a holiday more quickly than an uncomfortable car ride.

Luckily, there’s a wide range of rental cars in South Africa to choose from, which means that wherever you’re travelling to and whatever your transport requirements, you’re sure to find the ideal rental car through a South African car hire company.

Below are 5 top rental cars to choose from, with descriptions to help you make the right decision. Once you’ve chosen the most appropriate one, book your car hire online to take advantage of great Internet specials and package deals.

Best hire cars for your South African holiday

1) The sporty hatchback

renault megane sport hatchback car hireCompact, zippy and light on fuel, hatchbacks are ideal for couples or small groups of friends.They’re generally some of the cheapest hire cars in South Africa, and because they use less fuel than larger cars, they’re economical all-round.

Hatchbacks can comfortably seat four people, and leg and luggage room may be limited. Often, they lack the luxury features found in larger or more expensive vehicles, such as air-con, power-steering or ample packing space. If you’re looking for a highly affordable rental car that simply needs to be functional and comfortable for one or two people, a a good choice.

2) The family sedan

family sedan Kia car hireBuilt to be safe, smooth and spacious, sedans are great for family holidays. While they won’t offer spectacular motoring performance, they will get you to your destination in comfort.

Sedans seat four or five passengers, offer ample boot space and enough room for littlies to stretch out and nap on the back seat. They’re usually fairly fuel efficient and cost little more to hire than hatchbacks. Sedans, especially newer models, also usually offer air-conditioning, power-steering, airbags, automatic transmissions and other additions that ensure a comfortable and easy drive. They’re great for families, groups of friends and business travellers.

3) The rugged 4X4

UAZ Hunter 4x4 vehicle rentalsIf you’re travelling into South Africa’s beautiful and untamed bushveld, you shouldn’t do it in anything other than a 4X4. These vehicles are heavy on fuel and expensive to hire, but offer the safest and most reliable journey through South Africa’s rugged undergrowth.

Be sure to select a 4X4 big enough to carry your crew and all your gear. It’s also a good idea to chat to the car hire company about the specific vehicle that would be best for your journey. Are you hitting the dunes, sloshing through marshes or tacking rocky overpasses? The 4X4 hire car you choose must be able to handle the terrain you intend to cover, or you’ll spend your vacation flagging down tow trucks!

4) The luxury sedan

bmw 760li luxury sedan car hireAdvanced engineering, plush interiors and leather seats are absolutely indulgent, but they come at a cost! If you’re looking for an ultra-luxurious ride for a romantic getaway or important business trip, you won’t find better than a luxury sedan.

Luxury cars offer almost every opulent feature you could imagine, and they’ll provide the smoothest ride of all the hire cars in Johannesburg, South Africa. However, they’re expensive to hire and an overkill for most types of self-drive holidays in South Africa. Save the luxury sedan for your honeymoon or that all-important business trip where making a good impression is non-negotiable.

5) The spacious Minibus

nissan primastar minibus rentalRoad trip with ten of your closest mates? Hockey team’s annual summer camp? If you’re transporting a large group or team, you’ll need to hire a robust minibus that’ll carry your size-able group and all your cargo.

If you’re hiring a minibus, bear in mind that these vehicles may be very different to drive than regular road cars, and if you’ve never driven one before, you may want to practice a bit before your trip, or allow someone else to steer. Minibuses can be pricey to hire, but they’ll certainly work out cheaper than several smaller vehicles. Plus, if you hire a new one, it’ll probably offer a range of comfort-enhancing and safety features to ensure a smooth and reliable journey.

Book car hire online now

Once you’ve decided on the ideal rental car for your trip, reserve it as soon as possible to take advantage of any early-booking specials or bundle deals that may be available. You can book South African car hire online in just a few easy steps, and then look forward to getting the most out of your rental car experience. Happy holidaying!

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