Top Four Must Visit Experiences In Johannesburg

Top Four Must Visit Experiences In Johannesburg

Top Four Must Visit Experiences In Johannesburg

Johannesburg or Joburg as the city is fondly called is the largest city in South Africa, and also its constitutional capital. In the last century the city was known for its gold and diamond mines, often being cited as the City of Gold! Today the city is widely spread, and is a commercial and cultural hub of the country. Many business travellers and tourists who visit Johannesburg ensure they take a tour of the various sights and attractions to get a glimpse of the vibrant city. Here are the Top Four Must Visit Experiences In Johannesburg

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1. Constitutional Hill

South Africa is unique in the fact that it has three capital cities and Johannesburg is its constitutional capital. The constitutional court is located on the Constitutional Hill which is today a reminder of the gruesome past, but with hope for the future. It was a fort and prison in the past and visitors go to the fort at ‘Number Four’, Women’s Gaol and the Old Fort. There is also the ‘Flame of Democracy’ which is an eternal flame lit since 2012.

2. South Western Townships

Soweto in the South Western Townships is better known as a suburb of the city, which became a part of the ever expanding city. It is a most important historical area, as it has seen its share of events right from the gold rush to the Soweto uprising. The important landmarks in the city where this history was played out are the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, Soweto Hall of Fame, Mandela House, Tutu House, Credo Mutwa Village, Walter Sisulu Square, Regina Mundi and Freedom Towers.

3. Gold Reef City

Gold Reef City is essentially an amusement park and one of the must see places in Johannesburg. The speciality of the park is that it has a gold rush theme and everything from the décor to the employees at the park look like they are out of the 1900’s! It has thrilling rides, roller coasters as well as a large casino. It has two museums on the grounds, the mining museum as well the apartheid museum which is to commemorate the struggles of the native Africans.

4. Lesedi Cultural Village

Aha Lesedi is a cultural village in Johannesburg and is the perfect place to understand the great continent of Africa. Located in the African bush veld within the Cradle of Humankind, this village hosts five different tribes of Africa – Zulu, Xhosa, Pedi, Basotho and Ndebele tribes who live in the village, in the lifestyle of their ancestors. Visitors get a taste of the culture including cuisine, lifestyle and folklore at this colourful village.

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