Top Places to Visit in Johannesburg
for Exploring South African History

Top Places to Visit in Johannesburg
for Exploring South African History

Top Places to Visit in Johannesburg for Exploring South African History

Johannesburg is historically known as the city of gold. It is one of the cities in South Africa that has witnessed the entire creation of modern Africa. If you are interested in exploring the historical facts of South Africa, you really must visit Johannesburg. Before visiting this city, you should know that it witnesses a heavy flow of tourists all throughout the year. It is a huge city where historical sites are located in and around the vast city limits. Some of them are located outside the city limits. Therefore, you should consider car hire in Johannesburg to make your trip comfortable, especially when you are travelling with your family. Top historical places in Johannesburg that you must visit are:

Johannesburg for Exploring South African History

The Apartheid Museum:

The Apartheid Museum is a most distinguished attraction among the historical monuments of South Africa. Here, the intriguing stories are portrayed through photos, newspaper clippings, film footage, and artefacts at this innovative museum. People are educated about the emotional journey of South Africa, its oppression period and the rise of democracy in this region. Travellers interested in knowing about the freedom movement of South Africa should visit this place.

Constitution Hill:

With the magnificent view of Johannesburg, Constitutional Hill is a landmark monument of South African history. It is a former prison that has witnessed prisoners like Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. It is a cluster of four museums now transformed into a symbol of freedom. People can watch the judiciary process and gain insights into the rich history of South Africa at Constitutional Hill. Since it is located outside the city, you should opt for car hire in Johannesburg to reach this place comfortably.

The Lindfield Victorian House Museum

Known as the Provincial Heritage Site, it is a unique museum depicting the marvellous Victorian era in the South Africa. Visitors will find it interesting as the owner of museum herself dressed in the Victorian era style welcomes guests, and also guides them. It holds an impressive collection of the past centuries, including household items, artefacts, furniture, art pieces, and other fascinating items.

The Mandela Museum:

Located 20 kilometres away from the heart of the city, The Mandela Museum is an important historical monument depicting the freedom struggle of South Africa. People in South Africa recognize this museum as the soul of the fight for freedom, as their journey to democracy has roots in this place. The fire of freedom spread from here to the entire South Africa. The museum has been designed with catchments and green corridors for a relaxed ambiance.

Apart from these, you can also visit other historical places like Freedom Square and Mandela House Museum by opting for car hire in Johannesburg.