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Top Reasons to Consider Hiring a Car when Visiting Cape Town

Top Reasons to Consider Hiring a Car when Visiting Cape Town

Top Reasons to Consider Hiring a Car when Visiting Cape Town. Cape Town is the second largest city in South Africa and a popular hub for tourists to kick-start their vacation in this magnificent country. When visiting Cape Town on a holiday, you will find that while there are a number of ways to get around, the most comfortable and efficient option is to opt for car hire.

Top Reasons to Consider Hiring a Car when Visiting Cape Town

Why Consider Car Hire in Cape Town?

  • Lack of Public Transport
    From the perspective of most other major cities around the world, Cape Town isn’t that large. However, its layout and the lack of public transport makes it challenging for non-locals to make their way around. With cheap car hire in Cape Town easy to find, you will be able to explore the length and breadth of the city and its nearby areas comfortably.
  • For Ease of Getting to your Hotel
    Travellers have the need for car hire almost as soon as they land at the airport which is not yet extensively serviced by the city’s public transport system. While they offer the MyCiti buses at the airport, it only gets you to the city centre. With a car hire at your fingertips, you will be able to conveniently get to your hotel as soon as you leave the airport without having to pay the hefty taxi fares and the additional tip.
  • Explore Sights that are Otherwise Difficult to Get to
    Cape Town is home to one of the most renowned botanical gardens in the world. Home to 7000 species of plants, this attraction is unfortunately often overlooked. Located on the eastern slope of Table Mountain, it is rather out of the way from the main tourist centres in the city. Unless you visit with a tour group in a bus, the only other way to get there is by car. With car rental at your service, you will not have to deal with the inflexibility that comes with booking yourself on a tour bus. A rented car allows you the leeway of heading to these otherwise less accessible spots at your own convenience and to explore them at your own pace.

Furthermore, your Cheap Car Hire From Cape Town can allow you to conveniently get to the Cape Point Nature Reserve, the location where the continent of African comes to an end. It is also the unofficial location where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meat. All in all, renting a car when in Cape Town proves to be an efficient, convenient and cost-effective option to consider.