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Cheap Car Rental For Your Next Trip To Cape Town

Cheap Car Rental For Your Next Trip To Cape Town

So you’ve booked your trip to Cape Town. Flights – check, accommodation – check, rental car – not checked because you haven’t found an affordable option yet. Let’s face it, car rental can be expensive and public transport is not an option since the MyCity bus mainly services the CBD and Blouberg and the last thing you want to do is be broke before you even start your holiday.

While scouring google, you’ve come across a few options but you don’t feel comfortable since they offer little to no info on their websites and you suspect they might be fly-by-nights. It is crucial to book a rental car through a reputable company. So many things can go wrong if you don’t. They could disappear with your deposit before you even collect the car, the car you rent might break down on you or you could be in an accident and find out they’re not covered by insurance.

Before being a victim of such a scam, stop right there and listen up. Xtreme Car Rental is a reliable company that’s been in the industry since 2002. Not only do they provide outstanding service but if you’re looking for cheap car rental options in Cape Town, they are the people you want to deal with. A quick visit to their website will boost their credibility even further. With Xtreme Car Rental, you won’t have to worry about not being insured in the event of an accident and you’ll only be liable for the excess. Since every single car in their fleet gets traded in when it reaches 24 months, you can be sure that car problems won’t be on your holiday agenda.

Another benefit of renting a car with Xtreme Car Rental is that you don’t require a credit card to hire a car, like with traditional car rental companies. You can pay your deposit by debit card or even cash if you prefer.

Xtreme Car Rental makes cheap car rental in Cape Town possible so you can spend your money on fun things like wine tasting, taking the cable car up Table Mountain and even taking a surf lesson or two. Speak to one of the team members or make a reservation online and let the fun begin.