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Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful information about renting a car with Xtreme Car Rental

Find answers to all your Xtreme Car Rental questions with this FAQ. From age restriction to payment questions you’ll find the answers you need here. 

  1. Can a person rent a car with cash?

Yes, you can. There is a deposit required, depending on the Type of vehicle you want hire.

  1. What is the minimum age to rent a vehicle ?

The minimum age to rent a car from Xtreme car rental is 25 years and above/older .

  1. Does Xtreme Car Rental, rent to young drivers even if they willing to pay extra?

The restriction from our insurance company is 25 years and above/older, therefore we are obliged to comply.

  1. What is the limitations: on the Drivers licence, if it’s under three years old ?

As long as the driver is 25 years or older of age, & if he has a drivers licence that is one year or older, Xtreme Car Rental will increase the deposit accordingly and the client will be able to rent the vehicle.

  1. Does your company offer free kilometres?

  • Yes we do,
  • 100 km per day,
  • 150 km per day
  • 200 km per day ,
  • Unlimited kilometres is only given on a seven day plus rental with an additional charge .

  1. How old are the rental cars?

They only kept on fleet for 24 months.

  1. Are your Renters allowed to cross the boarders into other countries?

Unfortunately Not. We do not have assistance there for customers in case of emergency and the vehicle will not have insurance cover.

  1. What types of insurance cover is offered ?

Xtreme car rental offers only the best when it comes to car rental insurance, Comprehensive insurance is our policy, All clients are limited to an excess only.

  1. Do you charge for E Toll ?

Yes, we do, our vehicles are fitted with an E Tag, And E Toll statements for our clients are available on request.

  1. How long does it take for a cash refund?

Our procedure takes between 7-14 days however we try our level best to Refund sooner.

  1. How long does it take to do international clients refund ?

On the day the vehicle is returned, this is processed in cash.

  1. Why does your company required a proof of residence?

It s simply used to redirect traffic fines.

  1. What is the requirements to rent with debit card or cash?

Identity Document Drivers licence proof of residence and next of kin contact details.

  1. Do you offer rent to own cars?

Unfortunately Not.

  1. Does your company allow one way?

Yes we do however the renter will be responsible for a one way fee. And added costs for call out fees in areas we do not cover in case of emergency. This excludes one way to Cape Town.

  1. Is there a fee charged to Refuel a car?

Yes, there is, it is always advisable for clients to Refuel cars.