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Car Rental Frequently Asked Questions

Xtreme Car Rental Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Hire

Find answers to all your Xtreme Car Rental questions with this FAQ.

From age restriction to payment questions you’ll find the answers to your Car Rental Frequently Asked Questions here.

Car Rental Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Simply by completing the online reservation, and emailing the necessary documents to info@xtremecarrental.co.za, you will then receive your reservation reference number.
Yes, you can rent a car with a debit card. Xtreme Car Rental is the only car rental company in South Africa that accepts all Debit Cards.
Yes, you can rent a vehicle with cash only from Xtreme Car Rental.
Yes you can. As you probably know, most car rental companies require a credit card in order to pick up a vehicle, but Xtreme Car Rental offers alternative payment options to rent a car without a credit card.
  • Cash, South African Rands (ZAR) only.
  • All debit cards including international, these cards do not have be embossed.
  • All cheque cards including international
  • EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) Payments / Bank Transfer.
  • Identity Document
  • Drivers Licence
  • Proof of Residence
  • Next of Kin Contact Details.
  • A Passport for Our International Customers
It is simply used to redirect traffic fines.
When a vehicle is pre-booked well in advance, you have the option to do EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer / Bank Transfer.) The funds must clear prior to the collecting of the rental vehicle. Customers also have an option of paying with a debit card or cash on collection.
Yes you are required to pay a deposit with most car rental companies; this covers any charges on return refuel, e toll and damages.
At Xtreme Car Rental the deposits start from as little as R3000.00 ZAR. Depending on the type of vehicle you require, deposits may differ.
At Xtreme Car Rental our refund policy is within seven working days, from the date of return.
The following charges can be applicable on return of your rental car:
  • Claim Handing Fee
  • Traffic Fine Redirection Fee
  • Recovery Fee in the case of client not responding to calls on an overdue vehicle
  • Collection and Delivery Fee
  • Cash Deposit Fee
We explain all extra charges upfront to our customers.
Xtreme Car Rental offers standard cover insurance with all vehicle rental packages. Our customers are limited to an excess only depending on the circumstance, as insurance companies do not pay for drunk and driving, or unauthorised persons driving the rental vehicle.
If you haven’t paid you would need to make payment on collection or delivery, you would also require all original documents that were emailed through to our offices when made your booking.
As a safety precaution we categorise the fleet into group’s example: group B consist of 3 types of vehicles Polo Vivo hatch, Toyota Etios hatch and Ford Figo hatch at the time of collection there is no guarantee that a specific vehicle will be available however you will receive a group B.
If a reservation is cancelled 24 hours in advance there will be no cancellation fee. If cancellation is not within 24 hours of the collection time, the cancellation fee will be R125.00 Rands (ZAR)
Yes, Xtreme Car Rental will charge R 85.00 Rands (ZAR)
Yes, Xtreme Car rental offers a number of packages with Free Kilometres.
  • 100 km per day
  • 150 km per day
  • 200 km per day
Unlimited kilometres are only given on seven day plus rentals, with an additional charge. There are no rates listed on the website for unlimited kilometres, you will have to call central reservations. 0861 001 337 for further information.
The minimum age to rent a car from Xtreme Car Rental is 25 years and over.
If the driver is 25 years or older of age and has a driver’s licence is under three(3) years old, Xtreme Car Rental will increase the deposit accordingly, and the client would still able to rent a vehicle.
The restriction from our insurance company is 25 years and over, therefore we are obliged to comply.[/accordion-item] Yes, this is possible, however an additional driver fee will apply.
Customers are allowed one hour grace period. So if you are supposed to return your rental vehicle at 13h00 and return at 13h45 we would not charge for another day. If you return after the one hour grace period, you will be charged for an additional day.
Xtreme Car Rental only keeps vehicles on the fleet for 24 months.
No, Unfortunately Not. We do not have assistance available for customers in case of emergency, and the vehicle will not have insurance cover.
Yes, we do. Our vehicles are fitted with an E-Tag for the E-Toll System. E-Toll statements for our customers are available on request.
No, unfortunately not. The reason for this is that the branches are very far apart, and in case of an emergency you would not receive the immediate assistance you would require.
A rental agreement can be extended up to 3 times without bringing in the vehicle, we simply give you banking details, and payment has to be paid with the correct reference Rental Agreement Number.
Every 30 days (Month) the vehicle must come in to the office you rented from, for the old rental agreement to be closed off, and a new rental agreement to be opened. The vehicle also undergoes an inspection to check the following: service due, brakes windscreen, tyres, licence discs, and other important things on a vehicle.
Please use the following steps:
  • Contact the South African Police (SAPS)
  • In case of injuries call out an Ambulance
    • Contact our Emergency number which is available 24 hrs 7 days a week on:
    • Mobile 083 337 3187
    • Landline 0861 001 337
    • Alternate Mobile 072 296 3712
Our call centre will advise you further, depending on the situation and location. Note that we only use Contracted Breakdown Services – Tow Trucks. Contact numbers are given to rental clients by Xtreme Car Rental.
  • Drunk Driver, driving under the influence of Alcohol
  • Driving over the speed limit
  • Not stopping at a stop street or red light
  • Holding a cell phone, mobile phone, texting or chatting
  • Driving at high speeds on gravel roads
  • A driver that does not abide by the Traffic Laws
Customers are not allowed to repair any damage, the reason for this is that all vehicles at Xtreme Car Rental hold a factory warranty, and must be repaired by an authorised and approved repairer. The importance of this is to make sure the vehicle is restored to its original condition.
  • Buckle up. Make sure the driver and passengers are wearing seatbelts
  • Respect the rules of the road
  • Stick to the speed limit, plan your trips accordingly so there will be no need to rush to your destination
  • Check your tyres and lights
  • Drive sober, never consume any alcohol if you going to drive
  • Make sure kids and children are safe, activate the child lock on the door
  • Stop when you are tired, take a brake freshen up on long trips
  • Try not to drive long distance at night, there are farms that you might pass, and as a result, animals might be roaming on roads which can be hard to detect
Each branch has a branch manager.
  • Speak to or email the branch manager first.
  • Always try and send an email rather than just phoning.
  • If the branch is unable to assist you which is highly unlikely escalate your concern or complaint directly to the National Operations Manager who will immediately attend to you. The operations manager email address customercare@xtremecarrental.co.za.
  • Should you not receive the attention required call the head office on 0861001337 or 0833373187 Ask to speak to the Managing Director it will be highly unlikely that you concern, or problem will get to this stage.