Renting a car on holiday

Renting a car on holiday

Renting a car on holiday

Renting a car on holidayRenting a car on holiday? Are you planning a great South African road-trip for your next holiday? If so, it’s well worth considering hiring a rental car for your trip. Whether you’re planning a beach holiday, countryside getaway or a bushwhacking adventure, a rental car is the ultimate treat during your self-drive holiday.

Read on to discover 5 great reasons to Hire a Rental Car in Cape Town, Jo’burg or other parts of South Africa, and then book online to get low rates on car hire in South Africa.

5 Top reasons to rent a car on holiday in SA

1) Your car, your rules

Once you get behind the wheel of a hire car, you’re the master of your holiday destiny! Want to sleep late and take a slow drive into the afternoon? Or do you prefer to get going at the crack of dawn, seizing the day from the very first ray of sunlight? Either way, when you’ve got a rental car at your disposal, you have the freedom to make your own holiday rules – and of course, to break then whenever you like!

2) You’ll save money

These days, the cost of air travel, even locally, is often exorbitantly high, especially if you’re flying during peak holiday times. It makes good sense to hire a car instead, especially if you’re travelling in a group. Compare the cost of hiring a car in South Africa to the cost of air tickets for your whole family. If you’re travelling with a group of friends, you can simply share the cost of a hire car – and take turns driving! And the bonus? It’s a great time to bond with your friends, catch up on much-needed family time, or enjoy some special time alone with your partner.

3) You can pick the ideal car for your journey

Want to go overland but don’t have a 4×4? No problem – just hire one! When you choose to rent a car on holiday, you’ll be able to select the perfect vehicle for your transport needs, be it a rugged cross-country vehicle or a zippy hatch-back. South Africa features a diversity of landscapes, with different terrains in almost every city. Car hire in Johannesburg, Cape Town and other parts of South Africa makes it possible to choose the ideal car for your destination – and it also means you won’t have to take your family sedan into the bundu!

4) You’ll spare your own vehicle

By hiring a vehicle instead of driving your own when you go on holiday, you’ll spare your car the wear-and-tear of a long-haul journey. You also won’t have to make costly replacements before or after your trip, such as purchasing new tyres, having your car serviced or fixing that cracked windscreen. Whilst these are all necessary expenses that you’ll have to incur sooner or later, you won’t have to do them all at once, at significant expense, before or after your trip.

5) You’ll discover new places

When you have the freedom to explore at your leisure, it’s amazing the things you could find. From secluded beaches and nature walks to quaint coffee shops and one-horse towns, South Africa is brimming with hidden gems to discover. So be adventurous – hire a rental car in South Africa’s major cities, and start exploring the countryside!

Get a Rental Car in South Africa now

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