Car Rental South Africa

Car Rental South Africa

Cheap and Affordable Car Rental in South Africa with Miles of Smiles.

The big question here is,  do all car rental companies and car hire companies take cash in South Africa?

The answer is no. The pure reason for this is that taking cash for car rental can be a risky business. Cash needs to be accounted for and allocated. Correct processes need to take place. Cash could be allocated incorrectly. For example, if you pay cash how would a big listed company refund you in cash? Above all, there are a number of blue-chip companies that make these claims, including a number of car rental brokers. Consequently, we have conducted intense research calling these companies, and trying online reservations. In conclusion, they do not accept cash payments.

At Xtreme Car Hire South Africa we do accept cash. Being a smaller business, firstly, customers can pay cash. Secondly, refunds for international clients are done in cash, upon return of the rental vehicle. For local customers, an EFT is done back to the customer banking account within seven working days. How is this possible? We deal with a limited number of customers on a daily basis. Therefore, our operations are smaller, making Xtreme car rental a more user-friendly business.

Do any of the airport rental companies take debit cards for Car Rental In South Africa?

Meanwhile, after intense research, reading about five thousand google reviews over a period of six months. A team of individuals have come up with this response from the biggest 10 rental companies in the world. That is to say, customer feedback differs, answers to this question differ on the type of debit cards.

Therefore, this is not as straight forward and as simple as it sounds. As a result, making a booking, arriving at a counter, to find your booking is declined. What cause? Your debit card is not embossed, meaning the card numbers do not stick out the card. That is to say, if they are not embedded in the card, this means they won’t be able to return your refund ( Deposit ) to the card charge and do any manual charges for extensions of your rental or additional charges. For example, local clients can make use of an embossed debit card whilst international travellers cannot.

At Xtreme car rental South Africa we accept all types of debit cards and cheque card payments. Above all, we are transparent and not like our competitors, who make false claims. International clients that pay with a debit card, will have their refunds processed in cash. For local clients using a debit card, the refund is processed back into the same account with seven working days. In short, we accept all types of debit and cheque cards.

Travelling in South Africa, or to South Africa?

Choose Xtreme Car Rental. We won’t disappoint you no matter the payment option you choose. Placing an online booking? Choose the most desired payment option available to you. Cash, Eft, Debit card or Cheque card, we won’t let you down. Moreover, we do not take upfront payments to reserve a rental, car rental customers can pay on arrival. And if you are unhappy, there are no cancellation charges. Use the most trusted car rental brand in South Africa, Xtreme Car Rental.

10 Awesome Things to do in South Africa

Visit the Kruger National Park, Cape Town’s Table Mountain, Robben Island, Cango Caves, Cape of Good Hope, Penguins in Simons Town, Cape Winelands, Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, Ushaku Marine World and Cape Point. In addition, there are a number of other incredible things to do as the list can go on, these are just a few examples.

Is using online car hire referral sites safe?

Firstly, a few tips to validate who you are dealing with. There are a number of sites offering car rentals. Consequently, the issue using referral sites is; would the company you place your booking with, be legitimate, or just a scam? A simple way to verify this is to check if the company has is own website, landline, contact details. In addition, look at the address to verify them via Google Places. Try and check out reviews about them to see if they really exist. Moreover, take a look at their social media platforms. View their posts,  what their followers say, and their likes. In conclusion, this will better help you establish whether or not it should be the company of choice. Choose Xtreme Car Rental.

Are you travelling to South Africa and need Car Hire?

We have branches conveniently situated in close proximity to the airports. To clarify, Xtreme Car Rental does not have offices at the airport. Consequently, we meet and greet customers at the airport. For online reservations, customers do not have to come into the office. Prior collection, email the required documents. We offer free delivery and collection to the following airports King Shaka Airport, Car Rental Durban, O R Thambo International Airport and Cape Town International.

What Types of Debit Cards Does Xtreme Car Rental Accept?

At Xtreme Car Rental we accept all types of Debit Cards for Car Rental, our processes are simple and our rentals are cheap and affordable.

Can I Rent a Car For Day?

Yes, you can.  To clarify, a rental day is a 24 hour time period commencing with the date/time indicated on the rental agreement at the time of rental. In addition, renters have a one-hour grace period for late returns. At Xtreme Car Hire South Africa, we allow a one hour grace period after the vehicle return time is due.  For example, with a rental car, you will not have to constantly remove your belongings each time you get in and out the vehicle. Car rental is a more convenient mode of travel, and safer as you will be the person behind the steering wheel.

Can a vehicle be rental Long Term?

We offer the best long term car rental rates in South Africa, from budget to luxury and commercial we have vehicles across the board.

Rent A Car Without A Credit Card?

Rent a car without a credit card is possible. We have a number of payment options offered at Xtreme Car Rental. Requirements for the rental are important. The Requirements for local renters are identity document, proof of residence, utility bill and drivers license that must be three years and older. The driver must be over the age of 25. The requirements for international renters are a passport, utility bill and drivers Licence. The driver’s license must be valid for over 3 years. Why is a utility bill or proof of residency required? Your utility bill would be to redirect traffic fines.

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